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The City of Oaks

As one of South Africa’s oldest cities, Stellenbosch is best known for its world-class wineries. But don’t forget the city’s charming aesthetics: the city of oaks often impresses architecture buffs with its numerous Cape Dutch style buildings. Its weather, too, is idyllic: pleasant ocean winds temper the typical heat of South Africa and lower rainfall average, creating a great atmosphere when you visit the storied wineries, some of which have been producing wines for more than 300 years.

  1. The Village Museum
  2. Dorp Street
  3. Erfurthuis
  4. Stellenbrau Brewery
  5. Moederkerk
  6. Blaauwklippen Family Market

The Top Attractions in Stellenbosch

The Village Museum

The Village Museum features four superbly restored houses, each representing a different time period and dating back to the city from as early as 1709. Each house is furnished and decorated appropriately for its time period. Furthermore, charming employees are also on-site, dressed in period-appropriate clothing, ready to answer questions and tell stories about the happenings at the time of the houses initial construction.

Dorp Street

Dripping with old school charm, Dorp Street has one of the oldest and best-preserved rows of houses in South Africa. Be sure to take a stroll down this oak tree-lined street and soak up the area’s historical charm. Wonderful restaurants, antique stores, and art galleries are all here for your enjoyment.


Serving as the administrative headquarters for the Stellenbosch Museum, the Erfurthuis house was built in the late 19th century as the family home to Johan Beyers. The house was named in honour of his ancestors who hailed from Erfurt, Germany. Known for its magnificent wood carvings and wrought-iron balcony, the house is a treat for history and architectural lovers alike.

Stellenbrau Brewery

On-site tastings await those travellers who crave a change from all the wondrous wines of the area at the Stellenbrau Brewery. While Stellenbosch is definitely famous for its wines, this hip brewery is trying to make a name for Stellenbosch as home to wonderful beers, alongside its delicious wines. The brewery also offers tours on site to better help you understand the intricate brewing process.


The Moederkerk Church (Afrikaans for Mother Church) was originally built in 1719, a local landmark in the city of oaks. Over the years, it has been rebuilt into the current neo-gothic style building you now find. The church also features a beautiful garden, pristine white walls and wonderful stained glass windows.

Blaauwklippen Family Market

Known as the friendliest market in the Cape Town region, the Blaauwklippen Family Market is held every Sunday—a treat for young and old. For the younger ones in your group, there are friendly goats, alpacas and a fun-filled jungle gym. For older visitors, wine-tasting and a sampling of treats from around the world are on offer. This family market is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday.

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