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Europe - Italy - Sicily - Coast of Catania cruise port seen from the bat, blue skies and blue ocean and smoking volcano.

Ultimate Tour of Sicily

Sumptuous cuisine on the Mediterranian coast

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  • May-October

  • 10-16+ hours

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Highlights of Your Tour of Sicily

Plan a tour of Sicily - a Mediterranean crossroads where rugged landscape meets elegant cuisine. Travel along rugged mountains and sparkling coasts on a tour through the classical highlights of this epic island. Stroll amongst ancient ruins of seaside temples in Selinunte and then sample fresh ricotta in Ragusa. Of course, you’ll want to see the mighty Mount Etna and explore the winding streets of Syracuse. End your trip in the province of Catania, with a homemade cannoli and shot of limoncello. Salut!



You’ll begin your tour of Sicily in Selinunte, one of the richest archeological sites in the region. Walk among ancient Greek ruins, whose temples look out over the Medderteranian sea. Then head east to the thermal springs of Sciacca, which dates back to the fifth century BC. After a dip in these healing waters, stroll down to the main square Piazza Scandaliato and watch the last light fall over the fishing harbor. 



Start the day in Favara, a small town blanketing the slopes of Monte Caltafaraci. Make time for a morning espresso before exploring the Valley of the Temples, an eight square-mile archeological park featuring the beautifully preserved Doric temple,Tempio della Concordia. Continue on your historical adventure at Villa Romana del Casale, where a magnificent collection of Roman mosaics await you.

Kirche Santa Maria dell'Ittrio in Ragusa, Sizilien.


Today, you dive fork first into the rich culinary history of Sicily. This island is famous for its sweets and you’ll find out why when you head south to a chocolate tasting in Modica. Afterward, go savory with a ricotta sampling. Return to Ragusa in the afternoon to explore the Baroque cityscape. Don’t miss the sweeping views of Giardino Ible public park, best visited at sunset.



Syracuse, the preeminent city of Ancient Greece, endures as must-sees for anyone interested in experiencing the essence of Sicily: citrus orchards, classic ruins, and sweeping views of the Ionian Sea. Tour the catacombs beneath Basilica di San Giovanni and visit the Syracruse Cathedral constructed in the seventh century. A day of exploration will work up your appetite for some Sicilian macaroni. Find a picturesque Baroque piazza and enjoy.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna

Make a pitstop at Mount Etna, the highest and most active volcano in Europe. Get to know a local town on a tour of the local market, you can stock up on foodie souvenirs to take home, including favorites such as olives, biscotti, cheese, and wine. On the way to the airport, stop by Catania’s oldest cannolo shop, where you’ll have the chance to fill your own cannoli with ricotta cheese and bid arrivederci to the dolce vita.

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