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View of the canals and typical Dutch houses in the city of Leiden, which you can discover during your trip to the Netherlands.

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A journey between land and water

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    Why Embark on a Tour of The Netherlands?

    A holiday in the Netherlands is ideal to satisfy your cravings for culture, nature and food. Discover charming cities lined with canals, beautiful beaches and above all a unique way of life on your road trip in the Netherlands.

    Of course, there are many different ways to explore the land of tulips. Let our travel experts guide you to prepare an unforgettable road trip to the Netherlands. Less

    Top Attractions to Visit During Your Netherlands Travel

    Captivating cultural heritage, magnificent cities with canals and breathtaking landscapes, discover our experts' choice for your trip to the Netherlands. Perhaps your journey begins in Rotterdam with its indoor market to the famous capital Amsterdam, while after a cultural stop in Delft or The Hague, follow the Flower Route to end with a breath of fresh air in the Wadden region and its sandy beaches?

    1. View of a canal in Amsterdam - to experience on an Amsterdam holiday


    2. View of the Rotterdam skyline - to be experienced on a Rotterdam holiday


    3. View of the waterfront of The Hague - City in the Netherlands

      The Hague

    What to Eat While Traveling in the Netherlands

    • A stroopwafel or waffle, a typical Dutch dessert that you can enjoy during your Holland trip.


      Stroopwafels are a Dutch specialty for snacking or simply for lovers of sweet treats. Served hot in a small waffle cone, these two sticky wafers surround a layer of caramelized syrup.

    • As an aperitif, bitterballen are served, a typical Dutch snack that you can discover tailor-made during your stay in Holland.


      The Dutch love this dish more as an aperitif. Registered as a cultural heritage since 2020, the bitterballen are breaded and fried meatballs. You will find this dish in different variations during your road trip.

    • On your tailor-made trip, discover this traditional dish from the Netherlands based on sausage and vegetables.


      A real traditional Dutch dish, the Stamppot is a meat dish cooked in broth with potatoes and other vegetables such as coarsely mashed cabbage. All seasoned with cloves.

    The Best Events in the Netherlands Worth Traveling for

    1. The beautiful Keukenhof Park is blooming in bright colors. Discover the park and the flowers during your trip to the Netherlands at the time of the Flower Festival.

      Keukenhof, flower show

      From mid-March to mid-May you can stroll among more than 7 million bulb flowers in the Keukenhof flower park and enjoy a true spectacle of colour and fragrance.

    2. The canals of Amsterdam at night, illuminated by white lights during a festival.

      Canal Festival Canal Festival

      The festival takes place in Amsterdam in mid-August. Classical music conquers the gardens and parks of the city. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of notes during your visit to the capital.

    3. A dressed up woman during the 11/11 in Maastricht, a kind of festival carnival that starts on November 11 at 11 am in Maastricht. An event you might discover during your trip to the Netherlands!

      11/11 Maastricht

      Although the days are shorter and the nights are cooler, the Dutch do not lose their desire to party. The 11/11 is a gigantic street party that starts on November 11 at 11 am in Maastricht.

    The Best Places to Visit While Traveling in the Netherlands


    Famous for having the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is a cosmopolitan city worth visiting. Very modern for the Netherlands, the city will surprise you with its contemporary architecture and delight you with its famous indoor market.

    Delft and Gouda

    To immerse yourself in the traditions of the Netherlands, a visit to the cities of Delft and Gouda is ideal. Strolling through the narrow streets and charming squares, you can learn more about the famous blue-painted Delft ceramics and taste the famous semi-hard cheese, one of the local specialties of Gouda.

    The Hague

    The administrative capital of the Netherlands will fascinate you with its harmonious ensemble of old and modern buildings. Here you will see the magnificent Noordeinde Palace, the workplace of the King of the Netherlands. And for art lovers, you will be conquered by the many famous paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt and so many other artists in the Mauritshuis Museum.

    The Flower Route

    A true blaze of colour in spring: the famous Flower Route takes you through fields with many different types of flowers. From Haarlem to Naaldwijk you can cycle along it and be enchanted by the sweet scent of flowers.


    The capital is a must on your trip to the Netherlands. Captivating museums of all kinds, wine and flower markets, emblematic neighbourhoods, Amsterdam is full of activities. Young and old alike will be enchanted.

    Haarlem and the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

    This name naturally makes you think of the famous New York district, and you should know that it was named in homage to this charming Dutch city. It's a true haven of tranquility, with a river and canals running through it. You can stop here before visiting the magnificent Zuid-Kennermerland National Park, where you can admire wild animals and magnificent panoramas.

    The Wadden Sea

    Do you want to breathe in the sea air? The Wadden area, an ecological treasure of the Netherlands, is home to an extensive coastline, sandy beaches and an archipelago of islands and islets. You will be guided by the tides to explore this magical place. Less

    Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Netherlands

    A trip to the Netherlands, doesn't necessarily rhyme with beach trips and yet! You can enjoy it all year round and even go for a swim. Here's a selection of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands that are worth a look.


    Zandvoort beach, known as the 'pearl by the sea', is located about 20 kilometers from Amsterdam. Surrounded by two unique nature parks, this white sandy beach is one of the most popular swimming spots for families.


    Are you a fan of kite surfing and water sports? Brouwersdam beach is one of the most popular beaches in the province of Zeeland. Surrounded by dunes and accessible by car, the weather conditions there are almost always ideal for the pleasure of sports enthusiasts.


    For a relaxing day with family or friends, Zuiderstrand is ideal. Located near The Hague, this somewhat hidden beach offers peace and quiet. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the surroundings while sipping a cocktail or grabbing a bite to eat at the nearby beach bars.


    Looking for a place to relax? Located on the island of Terschelling, this 30 km long beach is for you. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, it's a good alternative to enjoy a beautiful beach and varied landscapes and go for a walk when the weather doesn't allow sunbathing.

    Egmond aan Zee

    At 10 km from Alkmaar, the city of cheese, discover the beautiful and long beach of Egmond aan Zee. This beach has already been awarded the international environmental prize "Blue Flag" for the 10th time. Thanks to a walk along the sea, you will enjoy a magnificent panorama and a unique atmosphere, typical of a fishing village. Less

    Useful Information for Planning Your Trip

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