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Travel Information and Updates

Staying healthly and safe

    Tips for hygiene and health during your trip

    • Bring a medical mask with you. Although a majority of our destinations do not specifically require this, regulations can change on short notice.

    • Pack a few small bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. These are helpful when traveling in transit and in case you are unable to wash your hands before eating. If you take hand sanitizer on the plane, the bottle cannot be larger than 100 ml (3.4 oz) due to airport security restrictions.

    • Pack snacks such as energy bars in your carry-on luggage when traveling by air. This will help them avoid hunger and poor circulation if service is reduced on the plane.

    • If you have any symptoms of illness before your trip, consult your doctor immediately.

    Important reminders

    • Pre-trip: Check with your travel insurance company about your coverage. There may be restrictions on certain destinations due to government travel warnings. In addition, your destination may have special insurance coverage requirements that are necessary for entry.

    • During your trip: Your vacation should be worry-free and hassle-free. High health and safety standards are in place at all of our local partners to ensure this. However, some health and hygiene measures may not be directly visible to you, such as cleaning and disinfection schedules. For this, contact our local partners directly. This way you will get answers and solutions already during your trip.

    TourlaneCare : Flexible and carefree travels

    We want your Tourlane to be safe and worry-free - before your departure and during your vacation. We ensure this with our flexible cancellation and rebooking policy, as well as a competent, reliable crisis and safety management.

    FAQs: Traveling in 2023

    My trip is imminent. What do I need to keep in mind?

    You will receive all information about your upcoming trip in good time before departure. If you have not yet heard from our team or have any questions, we would like to ask you to first check your spam folder and then contact us at service@tourlane.com.

    What do I need to know about the situation in the destination country?

    You can find out all entry requirements and local regulations for our destinations from our service team. If there are any changes, we will proactively contact you.

    I need to interrupt my trip. How can Tourlane help?

    An activity or event I booked with Tourlane is cancelled: you can easily arrange alternatives with our local partners - depending on capacity and availability.

    My trip needs to be shortened: You can adjust your travel arrangements to suit your needs with our assistance.

    I have health or safety concerns during my trip: Our local partners ensure that you can enjoy your trip worry-free with high safety standards and hygiene requirements. These have been part of our partner contracts since 2019 and have been further strengthened since the Corona pandemic. You can view details on this if you need them - for example, if you want to know how your rental car will be cleaned.

    I fall ill during my trip: For your medical care, your travel insurer is the best person to contact. From Tourlane, you will receive assistance in canceling your other plans and making any necessary flight changes if you booked your airline ticket through Tourlane. Even if not, we can negotiate on your behalf when you rebook your flight - though how airlines handle this varies widely. Any rebooking fees and/or fare differences will depend on the airline, the type of ticket you purchased, and the timing of the change.

    Have a different concern?

    Please share it with your travel expert or contact us at service@tourlane.com.