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See the wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara National Park on a Kenyan safari

Ultimate Kenyan Safari: Group

Safari across the beautiful plains of Kenya

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  • All year

  • 13-20+ hours

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Things You'll See During Your Tour

Plan a dream Kenyan Safari with Tourlane. Your time spent journeying through a country of changing landscapes, ultimate wildlife sightings, and mountainous vistas like Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjarowill leave you feeling enchanted with Africa. Get ready to lose yourself in some of the world’s most enviable national parks like Masai Mara and Amboseli as the Great Migration and "Big Five" thrill you. Book all components of this multi-stop group tour—transfers, guides, game drives, and accommodations—in one place with a Tourlane Travel Expert.

Africa, Kenya, Zebras graze in  Nairobi national park with the Nairobi skyline in the background.

1. Nairobi

First, you’ll visit the cosmopolitan Kenyan capital Nairobi, which is the ideal place to indulge in Kenyan culture. Enjoy a meaty bite to eat at a classic Kenyan barbeque joint before visiting the Masai market, the restored parliament building, and the burgeoning business district all in one day. A stop off at the leafy grounds of the national museum to admire collections of colorful African art is highly recommended, as is Snake Park that houses puff adders. You'll definitely feel the buzz in Kenya’s exuberant capital.

Discover elephants and other amazing animal species during a Kenya tour

2. Kenyan Safari: Amboseli National Park

Today, your Kenyan safari adventure starts: you’ll venture to the southern border of Tanzania, at the foot of the gigantic Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet) in Amboseli National Park. Prepare to meet the African elephant, cheetahs, and enthralling bird species in this natural wonderland. The park has a five-wildlife habitat—plains, woodland, bush, swamp, marshland— full of the pants and calling chants of nature’s wildest inhabitants. Delight at the sight of colossal free-roaming beasts as you explore these sprawling short-grass savannas.

Watch baby elephants stroll through nature on an African safari

3. Kenyan Safari: Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park enchants with gazer friendly spots such as the Mau escarpment. Allow wildlife viewing opportunities to overwhelm with prides of lion, black and white rhino, and pink flamingos here for your viewing pleasure. Look up in awe at majestic birds such as the great white pelican as it takes flight. Breathe in the fresh air of the native acacia trees as the afternoon sun sets over you.

See the wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara National Park on a Kenyan safari

4. Kenyan Safari: Masai Mara Game Reserve

You’ll be overwhelmed by the spectacle that is the great wildebeest migration, as wildebeest move by the million across the sprawling Masai Mara. You’ll be entranced by the abundance of wildlife, including hippos and black rhinos, that you’ll meet in a preserved wilderness located in southwest Kenya. The safari game drives here will provide you with a highlight on your trip through the bush, but so will the people who live here, a tribal community who have lived on and from these lands for centuries.

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