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Where in the world would you like to go? Would you prefer a solo adventure, wandering off the beaten path? Or are you looking to visit some of the world-famous attractions you’ve heard so much about? No matter the destination, let our travel experts take care of you. Allow them to provide you with insider knowledge and plan a tailor-made itinerary that meets your needs.

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Journeying through Africa, the cradle of civilization, is the experience of a lifetime. Allow the world’s second-largest continent to enthrall you with its unparalleled diversity of wildlife and captivating nature. Embark on an epic safari, experience luxurious wine estates with unparalleled scenic backdrops, or enter the desert and discover landscapes that exist nowhere else on earth. North or south, east or west, Africa is a land you’ll never forget.


Be intoxicated by the exotic Pacific Island region. With an unlimited range of activities, if you’re looking for dreamy beaches, historic cultures, cosmopolitan cities, or astounding natural landmarks and wildlife, Oceania has it all. Be taken by New Zealand’s rugged, untamed lands of cascading falls and striking fjords. Enter the red expanse of the Australian Outback to marvel at dizzying rock formations and aurora skylines before hitting up a flaring metropolis such as Melbourne.

South Pacific Islands

A dreamboat of a destination, the South Pacific Islands are defined by their sun-soaked beaches, local charm, and wondrous marine life that bursts with color. The palmed tree settings of boat hopping adventures fit the unique wildlife and one of a kind vegetation on offer—the kind that will fulfill any nature island fantasy you may have. Add to that a rich cultural heritage and you have a go-to paradise retreat.

South America

From hiking through the Andes to sipping a glass of Malbec in a Chilean vineyard, the experiences you can have in South America are many—but almost all of them will call you back time and again. Visit the city at the end of the world, Ushuaia, and see some of the most epic sunsets in the world. Trek through the Atacama and feel the spirit of the desert. All these geographical wonders are underpinned by the singular warmth found on the continent—the kind where sharing a sip of mate can turn into a moment of a lifetime.


In Europe, history comes in many forms, whether it be the ancient columns of the Parthenon or a perfect paella recipe passed down through generations. Eat and drink your way through the legendary cities: Reykjavic, London, Rome, Paris—the list goes on. Stretch your nights to mornings with tapas and canal-side strolls. See the sunrise over Alpine peaks or Gothic cathedrals. Join the jostling crowds at the Mona Lisa or discover an untouched Mediterranean beach. Wherever you find yourself, there’s always time for coffee and cake. Less

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Tourlane's Travel Promise

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