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Europe, Italy, Amalfi Coast, colorful cliffside houses looking over a blue bay. Mountain silhouettes and blue sky in the background.

Italy Tours & Trips

Delectable cuisine and legendary ruins

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    Why Embark on a Tour of Italy?

    Shaped like a boot on the southern end of Europe, Italy is the seat of the Pope, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and home to the world’s most popular cuisine. Experience Michelangelo’s _Davidin Florence and the Colosseum in Rome. Bike through vineyards in Tuscany, enjoy pizza in Naples, and sail through winding canals in Venice.

    Below are some sample itineraries - our Travel Experts will craft the trip to Italy you’ve always dreamed of, based on your tastes and budget. With Tourlane, you’re able to organize flights, itineraries, and guides - all in one place! Less

    Our Most Popular Tours and Trips

    1. Discover the beautiful skyline of Florence on a Florence vacation




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    2. Europe - Italy- Venice at night




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    3. Discover the beauty of northern Italy on a Lake Como tour
    4. Europe, Italy, Rome, St Peters Basilica is seen from the Tiber River as the sunset casts the scene in purple and orange light.




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    5. Discover the beautiful city of Rome on a Rome and Amalfi Coast Tour




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    6. See the beautiful skyline of Matera on tour of Puglia




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    7. Europe - Italy - Sicily - Coast of Catania cruise port seen from the bat, blue skies and blue ocean and smoking volcano.




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    Where to Go on Your Tour of Italy?


    Every traveler should experience the wonder of Eternal City. During your visit, wind your way to the heart of Rome where the Colosseum has welcomed crowds since 80 AD. This iconic arena could accommodate up to 87,000 people in its heyday, making it the biggest amphitheater in the world to date. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert if you’re interested in a guided tour. 

    If you’re interested in history and architecture, visit the iconic Parthenon - a temple that has inspired so many subsequent monuments. Enter through the Corinthian columns to stand beneath the 27-foot oculus. Inside, you’ll see evidence of the temple’s history, as both a Pagan and Catholic house of worship, in the statues of Roman gods and biblical figures.


    Sicily is a wonderful mix of influences and yet distinctly itself. As you tour the mountainous heel off Italy’s southern boot, expect to see an eclectic mix of ancient Greek temples, Norman Castles, and Baroque frescos mixed in with colorful fishing villages and remote hilltop towns. Unsurprisingly, the island is home to world-class seafood and more vineyards than any other part of Italy, making it a natural destination for foodies.


    Art, food, and landscape—who could want more? Tuscany, the central region of Italy, has it all. Visit Michelangelo’s David in Florence, hunt truffles in the forests of San Miniato, and tour vineyards in Siena. Climb the 297 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the most iconic and perplexing structure in Pisa’s cathedral complex. Be sure to enjoy some papa al pomodoro—a rich tomato stew that is the quintessential Tuscan comfort food. 


    This famous floating city in the Adriatic Sea is where the roads are waterways and life is beautiful. Set sail on a gondola ride or explore intimate back allies and the Grand Canal on foot. Pass Harry’s bar, where the Bellini was invented, and continue east to explore the royal gardens. Make time for a picture on the Bridge of Sighs and finish your day with a candlelight dinner of spaghetti alle vongole - a delicious pasta dish with clams that is particularly popular in this part of the world. Less

    1. Discover the beautiful Italian coastline on an Amalfi Coast vacation

      Amalfi Coast

    2. Enjoy the view of the beautiful old town on a Bologna trip


    3. Discover the beautiful skyline of Florence on a Florence vacation


    4. Discover the beauty of northern Italy on a Lake Como tour

      Lake Como

    5. See the piazza and frontage of Milan cathedral at dawn, on a Milan vacation


    6. See Naples from above Naples, with the unusually snowy Vesuvius volcano in the background, on a Naples vacation


    7. View of the coastline of Palermo - to discover on a Palermo holiday


    8. View of the cathedral and the leaning tower of Pisa - to discover on a Pisa holiday


    9. Discover the Colosseum, here pictured against a blue sky, on a Rome vacation


    10. Enjoy beautiful bays and views on a Sorrento holiday


    11. Experience ruins in Taormina vacation in Sicily


    12. Discover beautiful canals and stunning architecture, pictured here, on a trip to Venice


    Which Regions Should I Include in My Italy Tour?

    1. Cinque Terre trip - an unforgettable experience on the coast of Italy

      Cinque Terre

    2. Experience cliffs and beautiful beaches on a Puglia round trip


    3. Lonely bays and clear water - to experience on a Sardinia round trip


    4. Etna volcano in Sicily seen through the ruins of the ancient amphitheater in Taormina


    5. San Gimignano in Tuscany and the Italian countryside


    What is the Food & Culture Like in Italy?

    • Europe - Italy- Venice at night

      What is the Food & Culture Like in Italy?

      The culinary scene in Italy is world-famous and worth visiting for in its own right. The city of Bologna is widely regarded as the country’s food capital, and is the birthplace of the famous ragu bolognese sauce. Visit the nearby city of Modena to find the home of balsamic vinegar, and the city of Parma for delicious prosciutto ham. If you’re interested in wine tours and tasting, Sicily is the region with the most vineyards. You’ll find top-quality establishments across the country, including in the Chianti region in Tuscany. For a more rustic wine tasting experience, consider taking your Italy trip in the direction of Puglia.

    What are the Best Events in Italy?

    1. Vatican City

      Where are the Best Events in Italy?

      If you want to see some Italian celebrations, consider planning your visit to coincide with one of the many festivals, like Tuscany’s White Truffle Fair in November. The Venice Film Festival takes place in late-August. Easter is a popular time to visit Rome and the Vatican City to experience the Pope’s annual Easter address.

    Useful Information for Planning Your Trip

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