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Discover beautiful volcanoes and jungles on a Costa Rica tour

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Beaches, volcanoes, and tropical jungles

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    Why Embark on a Costa Rica Tour?

    A Costa Rica vacation is a real experience of a lifetime. This strip of land is full of tropical vegetation and has five percent of the world’s biodiversity—oh, and it boasts five active volcanoes. Native Costa Ricans embrace the adventurous lifestyle with many of them living to over 100 years old on the Western Coast. The country’s wildlife includes the snorting tapir and tiny ocelot, both animals that are must-sees for animal lovers.

    Pick a budding starfruit in an inland forest before moving on to a coastline to spot eagle rays, dolphins, and whales. Whatever you chose to do, a visit to Costa Rica is the perfect mix of relaxation and escapade. Build your custom dream vacation with our Travel Experts so you can travel worry-free. Less

    Where to Go on a Costa Rica Vacation

    Arenal Volcano

    A national park with a volcano, what’s not to like? The still-active Arenal Volcano stands 1,633 metres tall, that’s over 300m taller than Ben Nevis. After a hike around volcanic rock dating 7,000 years, take time to walk the El Ceibo trail with a private tour guide towards a Ceiba tree that’s four times the size of Big Ben and held sacred by the Maya people—a truly breath-taking experience.

    Tortuguero National Park

    A visit to Costa Rica isn’t complete without Tortuguero or ‘region of turtles’ in Spanish. In Tortuguero National Park, located at the north-eastern tip of Costa Rica, you can enter an untouched region of multiple habitats that include: beaches, swamplands, rainforests and lagoons. There are too many activities to witness this in this magical park — witness baby turtles hatch, canoe through narrow canals with crocodiles, or zipline through the tropical trees.

    Monteverde Mountain Cloud Forest

    The perennially misty forest is the ideal place for  500 orchids and hundreds of birdlife species that exude a colourful chirpy nature—Monteverde Mountain Cloud Forest is like nowhere else in Costa Rica. One of our experts will lead you along a suspension bridge high up in trees that sloths and howler monkeys call home. You’ll love a guided hike through gorgeous chamaedorea tepejilote plants—just be on the lookout for the elusive jaguar.


    A Costa Rica vacation is the perfect beach getaway gift that keeps giving. Head to the west coast to snorkel in the North Pacific Ocean. This tropical beach town invites you to surf a wave in clear waters. Stronger ocean currents make for dramatic imagery—you’ll want a camera on hand. North is Plata Grande Beach, a nesting site for leatherback turtles, a mangrove tree-lined estuary makes for the perfect wildlife setting. Cap off a day on the sand at sunset with a breeze on your back and cocktail in hand.

    Drake Bay

    Half of Costa Rica’s 500,000 animal species live on the peninsula of Drake Bay, ready yourself for an intensive wildlife experience as you hike across a majestic coastal land. North of the Osa Peninsula is Drake Bay, a place of colourful reefs and volcanic mounds—this is the perfect place to spot reef sharks and moray eels. The bay is one of the country’s remotest regions and whales are regular visitors to the area. So, if your visit to Costa Rica is to view the spectacularly diverse wildlife than Drake Bay is a must-see. Less

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      San Jose

    The Costa Rica Tour Experience

    Whether you're an avid explorer, a lover of wildlife or a city dweller looking for a tropical fix—the Central American bridge that is Costa Rica bulges with discovery. At its narrowest point, 75 miles separate coasts leading to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. On either side of the island see dolphins as you snorkel among the colourful coral reefs. Whilst exploring San José, enjoy an eclectic skyline of Spanish architecture and modern skyscrapers. Stroll to Mercado Central to enjoy fresh cuisine such as black bean dish casado. Hike the lush greens of Tortuguero National Park and hop on a boat cruise that’ll introduce you to spider monkeys, river turtles, and with a bit of luck, a jaguar. A Costa Rica tour can be whatever you desire with Tourlane, book diving, hiking, or simply relax at a luxurious hotel with a stretch of deserted beach. 

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