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Sicily Vacations

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Travel to Sicily on Vacation

On your Sicily vacation, you’ll find a beguiling combination of fierce island spirit and classic Italian flair. Explore the ancient wonders of the Valley of the Temples and the historic city of Syracuse, before exploring the volcanic fires of Mount Etna. You’ll also fall in love with the Sicilian food, spicier and sweeter than in the mainland—think ‘Nduja sausage on your pizza and zesty grilled swordfish on the grill, looking over the glittering Ionian Sea.

  1. Palermo

  2. Syracuse

  3. Mount Etna

  4. Valley of the Temples

  5. Ragusa

  6.  Less

Things to Do in Sicily

1. Palermo

Sicily’s regional capital, Palermo is one of history’s great cultural crossroads. If you’re interested in history, our Travel Experts recommend starting at the Norman Palace, Europe’s oldest royal lodging and tour de force of Sicilian history. Gasp as you enter the golden Palatine Chapel, a breathtaking hybrid of Arabic, Norman, and Byzantine styles, before ascending Palermo Cathedral’s gothic tower.

2. Syracuse

On your Sicily vacation, don’t miss Syracuse—one of the most powerful cities of Ancient Greece that Syracuse, NY was named after. Feel like Zeus as you tour the lemon-tree lined ruins, before exploring the catacombs beneath the Basilica di San Giovanni. After all that history, get your fill of Sicilian macaroni—once you taste the real thing you’ll never want to go home.

3. Mount Etna

From Syracuse and Catania, every Sicilian view is dominated by the enormous Mount Etna. If you’re into hiking, our Travel Experts recommend tying up your boots and starting your ascent of Europe’s largest active volcano, with its moon-like landscape shrouded in clouds. Cast your gaze east over the Ionian sea and to Italy’s mainland—climbing Mount Etna is a truly out-of-this world experience.

4. Valley of the Temples

One ancient greek temple is a sight worth seeing, but what about seven in one place? That’s something you’ll only see in Sicily. From Zeus to Hephaestus, via the crumbling stone statue of Atlas in the Olympieion Field, explore the wonders of Greek mythology in physical form. Lookout for a bust of Medusa in the Temple of Concordia, but don’t worry—this one won’t turn you into stone.

5. Ragusa

Start your day in Ragusa by visiting the Cathedral of John the Baptist. Pause at the main entrance, admiring the statues of the Madonna, John the Baptist, and John the Evangelist. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, cross the piazza in search of food. Expect spicy ‘Nduja sausage on the pizzas, matched perfectly with homemade ricotta. Fill your glass with the finest Sicilain Nero d’Avola wine and toast to your Sicily vacation in this beautiful city.


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