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San Gimignano in Tuscany and the Italian countryside

Tuscany Vacations

The charming heartland of Italy

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    Travel to Tuscany on Vacation

    If you’re after sophistication, style, it’s time to start planning a Tuscany vacation. Tour the renaissance beauty of Florence, before exploring the terracotta-roofed stone houses of Siena. Visit the enchanting hilltop town of San Gimignano, whose Vernacchia wine will refresh you after climbing one of the town’s 72 Campanile, or bell towers. With wild boar, saffron, prosciutto, pecorino, and wine on the menu, you’ll certainly be fed in luxury on any trip to Tuscany. So bask in the evening sun and immerse yourself in the elegance of this incredible region.

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    Things to Do in Tuscany

    1. Florence

    Start your Tuscany trip in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Explore the Duomo, or cathedral, whose intricate 18th century facade welcomes travelers into its famous dome, where a young apprentice named Leonardo da Vinci started his career. Head down to the River Arno, crossing the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. Take a seat and an Aperol Spritz in one of the shaded piazzas, and enjoy the good life in Florence.

    2. Leaning Tower of Pisa

    The world’s most famous optical illusion vacation photo, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must see. Follow in Galileo's footsteps as you ascend 296 stairs to the top of the tower and look over the baptistery and cathedral itself, before descending the wonderfully wonky stairs to the lawns. Explore the cathedral itself, whose straight columns only exaggerate the slant of this architectural oddity.

    3. Siena

    Even in Tuscany, where cathedrals and piazzas lie around every corner, Siena still manages to stand out.  No Tuscan vacation is complete without a rich gelato on the Piazza del Campo, whose shell-shaped steps provide a perfect place to take a seat and marvel at the cathedral. Look up to the alternating jet-black and ivory-white bricks of the cathedral against the blue Tuscan sky, evidence that Siena has always been in style.

    4. Statue of David

    After Lady Liberty, Michelangelo’s David is probably the most famous statue in the world. Just as David was the underdog when he defeated Goliath, the city state of Florence stood proudly independent from the hegemony of the mighty Medici family during the Renaissance. Head to the Galleria dell'Accademia, home to the 17-foot high marble masterpiece. Brace yourself—they don’t hang the fig leaf in front of his groin anymore.

    5. Chianti Tour

    The culture, history, and beauty experienced on a Tuscany trip are thirsty work. Luckily, their wine is as good as their art. Head out over the picture-perfect countryside to a luxury vineyard, for tastings of the finest Chianti wine, complemented by the rich flavors of sharp Pecorino cheese and rich prosciutto ham. Sip your wine in the shade of the elegant Tuscan cypress trees, wondering how life gets any better than this.

    6. San Gimignano

    San Gimignano is an idyllic Tuscan hilltop town, and its distinctive skyline, featuring 72 stone towers of varying heights, are visible for miles around. Spend a day losing yourself in the cobbled piazzas and mysterious churches of this quaint, before enjoying the town’s most famous export: rich saffron, something you must try on your Tuscany vacation Less

    1. Discover the beautiful skyline of Florence on a Florence vacation


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