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Discover the beauty of northern Italy on a Lake Como tour

Lake Como Vacations

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    Travel to Lake Como on Vacation

    Plan a vacation to Lake Como with Tourlane and you’ll discover one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The third-largest in Italy and the fifth-deepest in Europe, Lake Como wooes visitors with its glacial landscapes and jaw-dropping beauty. It’s an upscale destination, with many luxury resort hotels, boutiques, and restaurants to be found in the towns that dot the shoreline. Our Travel Experts are ready to plan your tailor-made trip, based on your travel tastes and their insider tips. Book everything in one place with Tourlane.

    What to Do Around Lake Como

    1. Como

    The city of Como is one of the highlights of the Lake Como region. It’s a good place to base yourself, with a decent range of accommodations. Be sure to visit the spectacular Duomo, which is one of the most impressive gothic cathedrals in Italy. The ancient town hall, the Broletto, is also worth visiting. If you’re interested in the region’s history, head to the Museo Didattico della Seta, which documents the role of the silk industry in the city’s development. If you’re looking for something leisurely, ride the funicular railway up the hill to the town of Brunate.

    2. Brunate

    Perched on a hill 1,640 feet above the city of Como, Brunate impresses visitors with its unbeatable views of Lake Como, so remember to bring your camera! It’s a great place to capture the beauty of the surrounding region. Sights of interest in Brunate include Volta’s Lighthouse, a spectacular lookout point that honors local scientist Alessandro Volta’s life.

    3. Bellagio

    This elegant village on the shores of Lake Como is a great destination for foodies and shoppers. Explore its quaint, cobbled alleys and you’ll find upmarket boutiques and top-rated restaurants. If you’re interested in art, head to Villa Carlotta, an impressive waterfront building with an equally impressive art collection. If it’s not too hot, wander around Giardini di Villa Melzi, a smart botanical garden by the lake .

    4. Lake Como Cruise

    One of the best ways to explore the region and admire its beauty in full is to take a boat ride. There are a range of boat tour packages on offer, ranging from luxury tours aimed at couples to more classic group tours. There’s even a special eco-friendly boat, for travelers looking to minimise their carbon footprint while visiting Lake Como. Another way to see the lake is to ride the water taxis that are part of the local transport infrastructure.

    Useful Travel Info For Your Lake Como Vacation

    Italy is in Central European Time (CET), and uses the euro (€) as its official currency. U.S. citizens are allowed to visit Italy for up to 90 days without a visa. Italian is the official language in Italy.

    How Many Days Should I Visit Lake Como for?

    We recommend spending at least three days and nights in Lake Como, in order for you to enjoy the best attractions that the area has to offer. The pace of life around here is very slow, so it’s perfect to take everything at a leisurely pace.

    When is the Best Time to Visit Lake Como?

    The best time to visit Lake Como is in either spring, early summer (June), or September. The weather around Lake Como is particularly nice in June and September, and at this time, the peak visitor season has not yet been reached. July and August are peak times, offering good weather but also more crowds.

    Where is Lake Como Located?

    Lake Como is located in northern Italy, approximately 35 miles north of Milan and 300 miles north of Rome. Lake Como also shares a border with Switzerland, and is 150 miles east of France. Its position in central Europe makes it a great destination to include in a multi-stop tour of Europe.

    Which Airport Should I Use for Lake Como?

    The best airport to fly to if you want to visit Lake Como is Milan-Malpensa Airport (MXP), which has direct flights to the USA with American Airlines, Delta, United, and Alitalia. The 50 mile journey takes approximately one hour twenty minutes by car or taxi. Less

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