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Plan a European Tour package and you'll discover incredible waterfalls, like Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland, pictured in the morning mist with the sun rising over green hills.

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Plan a multi-stop European tour package with Tourlane. With 24 official languages and 44 countries, you’re probably wondering how to plan a Europe tour. With Tourlane, our specialized Travel Experts will book your flights, transfers, accommodations, and English-speaking guides in advance. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy! Europe is a rich, diverse continent, with a vast array of cultures and landscapes ranging from glaciers in Iceland to turquoise waters in the Mediteranean. Speak to one of our Travel Experts today and they’ll craft your perfect tailor-made itinerary based on your travel preferences.

Useful Information for Your Europe Tour Package

How Many Countries Should I Include in a European Tour? 

It depends on your travel tastes and preferences. If you wish to explore Italy or Greece, we recommend dedicating an entire trip to them, because of their size and geography. Countries like England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are smaller and all in close proximity, so you could include four countries in this kind of Europe tour. Spain and Portugal are also a natural pairing and are well-connected.

How Many Days Are Required for a European Tour? 

To do a multi-stop tour of Europe, we recommend spending at least 10 days. If you wish to visit just one country, four days to one week is sufficient, depending on the country. Many American visitors wish to spend more than one week in Europe because of the flight time from the U.S. 

Is It Possible to Tour Europe by Train? 

Yes—traveling around Europe by train is a great way to tour the continent. Spain, Portugal, France, England, Scotland, and Italy are all connected by comfortable high-speed trains. If you wish to transfer between destinations using the train, your Tourlane Travel Expert will gladly organize this for you. 

How Much Does a European Tour Package Cost? 

We have a wide variety of vacation packages to suit a range of budgets. Speak to one of our Travel Experts for a free quote.  Less

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Europe Tour Packages: From Global Capitals to Glacial Wilderness


Nordic adventure is the siren call of Iceland—from the auroras of the Northern Lights to the glacial fields of Vatnajökull. Pull-on your winter coat and hop on a snowmobile to explore the floating icebergs of Jökulsárlón Lake, or hike the 200-foot cascade of Skógafoss waterfall. After a day of physical activity, rejuvenate with a visit to one of Iceland’s many geothermally-heated baths, and rebuild with some fresh and hearty Icelandic cuisine. Wander the streets of the charming capital Reykjavik to find a thriving cultural scene. 


In England, you’ll experience eccentricity and sophistication side by side, as you meet its friendly, style-conscious locals that love to crack a joke. This compact country is easy to navigate and quick to get around, and while you tour, you’ll see so much variety in a country that’s the size of New Mexico! From mysterious sarsens of Stonehenge to the pastoral lands of the Lake District National Park, from the ancient cities of York and Bath to the modern metropolises of Liverpool and Manchester, this historic nation is packed full of diversity. Glide from medieval castles to pulsating cities, and from Victorian manors to surfing beaches, all in the same morning! 


There’s something magical about Scotland. Perhaps it’s the epic landscapes, the age-old castles, and the single malt whiskey. Wherever you turn, you’ll encounter an enchanting quality that’ll have you returning year after year. Stroll down the Royal Mile in the elegant capital Edinburgh. Marvel at the otherworldly landscape at Glencoe, an extraordinary landform that resembles New Zealand. Go for a hike on the remote Isle of Skye to undercover idyllic, deserted white beaches. You’ll find it hard not to fall in love with the land of the Scots.  


France is all about appreciating the crème de la crème—or the best things in life. Whether it be cheese, wine, or great art, France is full of elegance and grandeur. After sampling the rich reds of Bordeaux, be sure to feast your eyes on the epic monuments of Paris—drink champagne at the Eiffel Tower, before taking a stroll around the magical gardens of Versailles. Delight in the peaceful Mediterranean waters of the French Riviera, after a portion of fresh oysters on the oceanfront. Plan a trip to France to experience this storied nation.


Home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other nation, as well as the world’s most popular cuisine, there is so much to recommend Italy. A meal of a lifetime is just another lunch for Italians, and epic ruins are part of the landscape wherever you turn. Explore walled medieval cities and hunt truffles in Tuscany. Catch seafood on the Sicilian coast after hiking up Mount Etna, the island’s active volcano. Admire Michaelangeo’s David and enjoy succulent steak in Florence. Wherever your tastes and preferences take you, a tour of Italy will stay with you for a lifetime. 


Irish culture is celebrated throughout the world, and for good reason. Here, the traditions are living and all-encompassing. Visit medieval castles in Cork, and enjoy a plate of Boxty Pancakes in Dublin. Explore the pristine green countryside, and travel the Wild Atlantic Way to see the hits of the west coast, from the Cliffs of Moher to the Connemara National Park. As you take in the beauty of the “Emerald Isle”—home to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland—be sure to make time for a pint of Guinness and friendly locals in a local pub. Less

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