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View of the coastline of Palermo - to discover on a Palermo holiday

Palermo Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Palermo Vacation

    Plan your Palermo holiday and discover the lively port city on the Tyrrhenian Sea. With about 650,000 inhabitants, Palermo is the fifth largest city in Italy and the capital and cultural center of Sicily. Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the Mediterranean metropolis, stroll through the charming alleys of the old town and let yourself be enchanted by the serenity and warmth of the inhabitants. Of course, numerous culinary moments of pleasure await you during your holiday in Palermo. Our Travel Experts will put together your perfect travel package according to your travel tastes and preferences.

    1. Palazzo Reale - a top sight on a Palermo holiday

      Palazzo Reale

      Magnificent castle from the 9th century

    2. Palermo Cathedral - a top sight on a Palermo holiday

      Palermo Cathedral

      Important church in Norman-Arabic style

    3. Teatro Massimo - a top sight on a Palermo holiday

      Teatro Massimo

      Important opera house built in the style of historicism

    What to See During Your Palermo Vacation?

    1. Palazzo Reale

    Palazzo Reale is located on a hill of the medieval city area of Palermo and is also known as the Norman Palace. The 9th century palace was built as the summer residence of the Emir of Palermo. During the Norman conquest of southern Italy, Roger II converted the palace into his seat of government. Later, the rulers of Sicily resided in Palazzo Chiaramonte and the Norman Palace fell into disrepair. In the 16th century, the palace was rebuilt and today impresses with its dome and numerous towers. Immediately adjacent to Palazzo Reale is the Villa Bonanno park with a magnificent palm garden.

    2. Cathedral of Palermo

    The cathedral Maria Santissima Assunta is the landmark of Palermo. It was built in the 12th century in the middle of the old town and offers an extraordinary sight, especially from the outside. The building is characterized by a Norman-Arabic style, but was repeatedly redesigned until the 18th century. Thus, today you will find different architectural influences and stylistic elements. In the side chapel rest famous kings, like Henry VI and Frederick II.

    3. Teatro Massimo

    The Teatro Massimo is the largest opera house in all of Italy and one of the largest in Europe. It was built from 1875 to 1897. When the commissioned architect Giovanni Battista Filippo Basile died, his son Ernesto completed the building in the Histrorist style. The Teatro Massimo was opened in May 1897 with the opera Falstaff by Giuseppe Verdi. The most famous operas in the world are still performed in this magnificent building.

    4. Quattro Canti

    The square Quattro Canti is considered as the most beautiful square of Palermo. Its name is misleading, as the square is not square but octagonal and is surrounded by four palaces. At first sight, the buildings seem to be identical, decorated with statues, columns and fountains. But at a closer look, one realizes that each palace is dedicated to a Spanish viceroy and a patron saint and also represent a season.

    5. Capuchin Crypt

    A fascinating place, but not for the faint of heart, is the Capuchin Crypt in Palermo. The extensive crypt complex is located right underneath the Capuchin monastery a little outside the centre. Due to the special room climate of the tuff walls, the largest collection of mummies in all of Europe was created here. More than 2,000 mummies from the last centuries can be found in the underground corridors. Less

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