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Discover beautiful canals and stunning architecture, pictured here, on a trip to Venice

Trips to Venice

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    Travel to Venice on Vacation

    Embark on a dream trip to Venice with Tourlane, with a tailor-made vacation crafted for you by our local Travel Experts. Venice is a magnificent city of expression, romance, and architecture that for many years was its own republic. Follow in the footsteps of famous past residents like Marco Polo, Casanova, and renaissance painter Bellini. Wake up and enjoy a breakfast of pastries and espresso in a local café. Visit the spectacular Doge’s Palace and then head to St. Mark’s Square. Hop on a gondola to float along the Grand Canal at moonlight. Plan your own trip today with Tourlane as part of a multi-stop tour of Italy.

    1. Der Dogenpalast ist Sitz der Macht einer venezianischen Republik und ein Muss bei Ihrer Venedig Reise.

      Doge’s Palace 

    2. Die Rialto Br√ľcke in Venedig in Italien

      Rialto Bridge 

    3. Der Markusplatz und die Basilika sind Top-Sehensw√ľrdigkeiten bei einem Venedig Urlaub.

      St. Mark’s Square and Basilica 

    4. Teatro la Fenice - ein kulturelles Highlight bei Ihrem Venedig Urlaub.

      Teatro la Fenice 

    5. Der Canal Grande ist die wichtigste Wasserstraße Venedigs und ein Muss bei Ihrem Venedig Urlaub.

      The Grand Canal 

    6. Venice Giardini¬†ist die gr√ľne Oase bei Ihrem Venedig Urlaub.

      Venice Giardini 

    Things to Do on Your Trip to Venice

    1. Doge’s Palace

    If you’re interested in history and architecture, then head to Doge’s Palace. Venice has only been part of Italy since the 19th century, and the Doge’s Palace was the seat of power for a Venetian Republic for over 1,000 years. It is a great example of splendid Venetian architecture, located close to St. Mark’s Square. Enter this building and gaze at paneled doors and ornate ceilings of intricate beauty. Walk grand staircases and step outside to take in its stunning exterior. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert about booking in advance, to save on queueing time.

    2. Rialto Bridge

    This stone bridge was originally completed in 1591 and invites you to walk between rising arches and gaze across the Grand Canal in awe of its majesty. When you visit, enjoy a local spread known as cicheti: bitesize nibbles of octopus, sardines, and meatballs that go nicely with a glass of prosecco at a local b√†cari tavern. The Rialto Bridge at sunset in the ‚ÄúCity of Canals‚ÄĚ is the perfect spot to relax outdoors after such a feast.

    3. St. Mark’s Square and Basilica

    Two must-sees during your trip to Venice are the spectacular St. Mark’s Square and Basilica. Built in the 9th century AD, the enormous 85,000 square feet cathedral is filled with impressive mosaics and vistas. You’re bound to recognize this iconic square, which is a constant hive of activity.

    4. Teatro la Fenice

    If you’re interested in theatre, head to the Teatro la Fenice, a venue that celebrates world-class performance. Orchestral and operatic compositions by Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi have soared in a theater that has twice risen from the ashes since opening in 1712. Take a night to experience world-class acoustics that illuminates live performances of soprano songs, on the banks of the moonlit Rio de la Verona canal. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert for more information about performances.

    5. The Grand Canal

    The Grand Canal is Venice’s main waterway, so if you’re looking to do a gondola tour, hop on here! You’ll be guided between buildings that date from the 13th to the 18th century. The Grand Canal has been Venice’s centrepiece attraction since ancient times of early settlements. We recommend taking a ride at sunset as the sky pinks to take in the majestic and classic Venetian architecture.

    6. Venice Giardini

    Venice Giardini is a leafy park full of inviting green spaces. The park houses 29 pavilions that host national art from around the world and hosts La Biennale, an art exhibition that runs for several months throughout the year and is well worth visiting. Less

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