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See Naples from above Naples, with the unusually snowy Vesuvius volcano in the background, on a Naples vacation

Naples, Italy Vacations

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    Plan a Vacation to Naples, Italy

    Visit Naples, a city with rugged beauty and real charm, while on a trip around Italy with Tourlane. Naples is one of the most authentic, unspoiled destinations in Italy. Whether you’re a foodie seeking out the original Napolitan pizza, or an archaeology buff desperate to see Pompeii, Naples has something for every kind of traveler. Planning a multi-stop tour of Italy isn’t easy—with Tourlane, we make it easy to book flights, transfers, English-speaking guides, and accommodations all in one place!

    What to Do on an Italian Vacation in Naples

    1. Pompeii

    Pompeii is a dream destination for archaeology enthusiasts. In AD 79, this vast Roman city was covered by an eruption from nearby Mount Vesuvius. The protective blanket that covered the city for thousands of years means that it is incredibly well-preserved. Walk the original streets and marvel at this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage site. Highlights include the theatres and the amphitheatre. Guided tours are available—ask your Tourlane Travel Expert for more information.

    2. Naples National Archaeological Museum

    A nice follow-up to a day at Pompeii is a visit to the Naples National Archaeological Museum, which is one of the largest archaeology museums in the world. Its impressive collection includes a multitude of artefacts from nearby Pompeii, as well as Herculaneum. It conveys nicely how Naples and the surrounding region is steeped in ancient history.

    3. The Harbor and Castel dell'Ovo

    If you fancy a relaxing stroll while visiting Naples, head to the city’s waterfront. As well as being a thriving port, you’ll also find bars, restaurants, and numerous attractions worth visiting. One of the most spectacular is the Castel dell'Ovo, a vast castle that towers out of the water and is one of the world’s oldest fortifications. There’s plenty to explore inside, and if you’re feeling adventurous, climb to the top for fantastic views of the city and ocean.

    4. Catacombe di San Gennaro

    If you’re looking for something slightly unusual to do during your Naples vacation, head to the eerie catacombs located just north of the city. These fascinating and haunting ancient burial sites are split over multiple layers, hidden beneath Naples. We recommend booking in advance to secure a spot.

    Useful Vacation Information About Naples, Italy

    What is Naples, Italy Known for?

    Naples is famous for Mount Versuvius, an active volcano which provides a dramatic backdrop to the city. Naples is also known for Pompeii, an incredibly well-preserved Roman archeological site that was covered and preserved by erupting Versuvius. The city is also famous for Napolitan pizza, which originated from the city.

    Where is Naples, Italy Located?

    Naples is situated in southern Italy. It is approximately 140 miles southeast of Rome, which is approximately two hours 30 minutes driving. There is also a high-speed train which links the two cities and takes two hours. Naples is located in the Campania region, which is also home to the Amalfi Coast and Capri. The Amalfi Coast is approximately two hours from Naples, and Capri is a one hour ferry ride away from Naples’ Beverello port.

    How Many Days Should I Spend in Naples, Italy?

    We recommend spending at least three days and two nights in Naples. This will give you enough time to enjoy the city at a relaxed pace. It gets very hot in Naples during the summer months, so remember to account for this when planning how much you want to do each day.

    Which Airlines Fly to Naples?

    Naples International Airport (NAP) has direct, summer seasonal flights to New York-Newark (EWR) with United Airlines. It has one-stop flights to the USA with Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Munich, with Air France via Paris, and with KLM via Amsterdam. Less

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