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Our Expert Tips for Your Taormina Vacation

High up on the Monte Tauro lies Taormina. The grandiose location allows unique views, the city itself attracts with a lot of history and culture. Explore the Ancient Theatre and let history come alive. Best of all, if the weather is good, you'll have a view of Mount Etna from here. Stroll along Corso Umberto and visit small boutiques and craft shops. Another highlight is the world heritage island Isla Bella. With Tourlane you can easily book your flights, transfers, accommodation and guides all in one place! Our travel experts will create your perfect tour package according to your travel tastes and preferences.

  • Ancient theatre - a special sight during a Taormina holiday

    Ancient theatre

    Ancient theatre with a magnificent view

  • Corso Umberto - promenade during a holiday in Taormina

    Corso Umberto

    The promenade and historical centre of Taormina

  • During a Taormina holiday be sure to plan a trip to the island Isola Bella

    Isola Bella

    Small island in front of Taormina

What Sights to Include in Your Taormina Vacation Package?

Ancient Theatre Taormina

The Ancient Theatre in Taormina is not only the landmark of the city, but also the second largest in Sicily after the Theatre of Syracuse. As you tour the amphitheater, you'll take a journey through Sicily's history. The theater was built in the 3rd century BC under King Hieron II and was further expanded by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. The building is located just outside the centre on a rocky plateau of Monte Tauro. From up here there is a magnificent panoramic view of the coast of Calabria and the Ionian Sea of Sicily. On a clear day you can also see Mount Etna.

Villa Comunale

In town yet another world away, Villa Comunale is a beautifully manicured garden where locals and visitors alike can relax and unwind. Pack provisions and make yourself at home in the greenery with breathtaking views of the sea. It's especially beautiful here at sunset, when the whole garden is bathed in warm orange. But also for a short walk the garden invites you at any time.

Cathedral of Taormina

In the middle of the centre of Taormina is the cathedral of the city. The cathedral was built around 1400 under the reign of Frederick III of Aragon and later rebuilt several times. For example, the main portal on the west façade was restored in the Renaissance style in 1636. A visit to the monumental church building is worthwhile! There are also interesting things to see outside the cathedral: Directly opposite the cathedral is a fountain dating from 1635, built in the Baroque style and topped by the Centauressa, Taormina's emblem. The figure resembles a Minotaur, a hybrid creature of Greek mythology, in which the body is human and the head that of a bull. In Taormina, the upper body is represented by a woman. The bull represents the Monte Tauro.

Corso Umberto

The Corso Umberto is a popular promenade in the city. In the historic centre, it is a wonderful place to shop, stroll and enjoy a drink in cosy cafés. The Corso Umberto runs between the city gates Porta Messina and Porta Catania. Halfway along is Piazza IX Aprile with the small church of San Giuseppe and trees. The sounds of street musicians are often heard here, creating a romantic atmosphere. The square forms a terrace about 210 meters above the sea and offers a breathtaking view over the east coast of the island of Sicily and Mount Etna.

Isola Bella

The small Isola Bella is a real gem. It is located in the Ionian Sea in front of the city of Taormina and is connected to the beach of the district of Mazzarò by a sandbank. Once the island was a gift from King Ferdinand III of Sicily to the municipality of Taormina. For financial reasons, the island had to be sold and after several changes of ownership, the Region of Sicily was able to acquire the island in 1990. In 1998 Isola Bella was declared a nature reserve, because rare protected animal and plant species such as birds and lizards live here. The northern part of the island is accessible to visitors. The pebble beach of the same name below the town opposite the island is connected to the island by a narrow strip of sand. This is subject to the rhythm of the tides and disappears at high tide. The beach of Isola Bella is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. Less

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