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View of white buildings and the sea in Greece

Greece Vacations

Ancient treasures and endless coastline

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Why Embark on a Greece Tour?

Greece’s sights and attractions make it the perfect country for those with an interest in ancient history. Explore the ancient treasures of western civilization—the Parthenon, Acropolis, and the original Olympic stadium are all must-sees. If you’re more interested in a relaxing beach vacation, you’ll be delighted to know that Greece is home to Europe’s longest coastline, and a multitude of idyllic islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

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Our Most Popular Tours and Trips

  • The ancient theater of Epidaurus (or "Epidavros"), Argolis Prefecture, Peloponnese, Greece.



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  • Milos - traditional village Mandrakia, beautiful authentic islands of Greece



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  • View of Oia the most beautiful village of Santorini island in Greece



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  • See the Acropolis of Athens, pictured here, on a tour of Greece



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Where to Go on a Greece Vacation?

Greek Island Hopping

Greece has more than 150 inhabited islands, and Greek island hopping is a popular way to explore the country. Every Greek island offers something different. If you’re planning a Greece trip with kids, Naxos is fun for the whole family, with ruins to explore and plenty of water sports. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert for personal recommendations about which island is best for you. They will also assist you with booking ferry transfers in advance.


Visit Santorini and you’ll find turquoise waters, whitewashed houses clinging to the cliffside, and incredible views. Ironically, the best way to see it all is to get off the island. Hop on a day cruise around the black sand beaches to see the volcanic caldera in all its glory - ask your Tourlane Travel Expert for more information. Back on shore, you have to sample the local wine—the assyrtiko grape is known for crisp whites. When it’s time for dinner, brace yourself for delectable cuisine with an extraordinary sunset as a backdrop. 


If you’re traveling without kids and are looking for a more adult atmosphere, the alluring island of Mykonos is a great choice for your Greece vacation . Though Mykonos is the smallest Cycladic island, its wealth of accessible beaches makes it the most popular. Head north for rugged seclusion or south for sandy luxury. Impress the locals by ordering the islander-favorite: Kremidopota onion pie. And don’t forget to treat yourself at one of the artisan boutiques in Mykonos Town.


If you’re interested in ancient history, then a visit to Athens is essential. Athens also has the premier international airport in Greece, so it makes sense to spend a few days at the start or end of your Greece vacation here. The most famous attractions are the Acropolis and Pantheon. If you’re interested in having a guided tour with your own English-speaking guide, your Tourlane Travel Expert will gladly organize this for you.


Peloponnese was once the heartland of a mighty empire. The ancient people who made their homes in Greece’s southern peninsula left behind striking ruins for you to explore today. Mycenaean domes, Golden Age temples, and Ottoman mosques dot the mountainous region between the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Two things you must do while here: tour the original Olympic stadium, and sample the local olives—the world has Peloponnese to thank for Kalamata olives. Less

What is the Food and Culture Like in Greece?

  • What is the Food and Culture Like in Greece?

    Greek cuisine is one of the most popular worldwide, and food products are one of the country’s largest exports. This Mediterranean cuisine is often credited for the country’s high life expectancy, and includes lots of locally produced olive oil, yoghurt, vegetables, grains, fish, and lamb. Be sure to order Moussaka at some point during your Greece vacation - an aubergine and lamb mince bake. Gyros is another popular meat dish. Most meals are accompanied by delicious olives, salads, and breads.

What are the Best Events in Greece?

    • See the Acropolis of Athens, pictured here, on a tour of Greece

    What are the Best Events in Greece?

    Consider timing your trip to Greece with the Athens Epidaurus Festival, which features a range of different arts, including ancient drama, modern theatre, opera, ballet, classic music, and jazz. It takes place every summer between June and August. The Megaro Gyzi Festival takes place in Santorini every August and features music, art exhibitions and lectures. Alternatively, if you’d like to visit Naxos, the Naxos Festival occurs every July and August, and includes music concerts, theatre, and workshops.


Useful Information for Planning Your Trip

The best time to visit Greece is either spring or autumn. The country is less busy with tourists, but the weather is warm and dry, with daily averages in the 70s and 80s. The peak summer months (June-August) are busier and hotter. We do not recommend visiting between November and March as most establishments and accommodations are closed, and there are fewer flight options.

Wherever you choose to travel in Greece, we recommend packing a plentiful amount of sunscreen and a few pairs of sunglasses to protect you from the sun. The country is blessed with hot weather and many hours of sunlight, so come prepared for this. If you plan on visiting islands like Santorini and Mykonos, bring a mixture of comfortable beach clothing for the daytime and smarter evening clothing. Loose-fitting clothing and fabrics like linen make a lot of sense for the Greek climate. If you are visiting Greece in spring or fall, bring some pullovers or jackets for the evening, as things do cool down after the sunset. If you plan on visiting Athens, bring sturdy shoes that are comfortable for walking.

The timezone in Greece is Central European Time (CET).

This depends on your travel tastes and preferences. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert for a free quote.

Greece's official currency is the euro (€).

Greek is the official language of Greece, although English is widely spoken.

Athens Airport (ATH) has direct flights to the USA.

We recommend spending at least seven days and nights in Greece, as there is so much to see and do across its many islands, as well as the mainland.

As a U.S. citizen, you do not for stays of up to 90 days. More information is available here.

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