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France: Tailor-made

Juicy Bordeaux and iconic landmarks

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Welcome to France

You’re not alone in your desire to visit France: every year over 80 million are drawn to the je ne sais quoi of this storied nation. For some, it’s the wine of Bordeaux, for others, the iconic landmarks—who hasn’t dreamed of seeing the Eiffel tower in person? Indulge in sumptuous cuisine that doesn’t count calories, find cozy wine cellars in medieval alleys, and start every morning sipping espresso at a boutique sidewalk cafe. You’ll find that even the well-traveled roads have new corners to be discovered.

The France Experience

Of course, you’ll find iconic artworks and the latest haute cuisine in Paris—but the largest country in western Europe has much more to explore than just the capital. Yacht the Mediterranean waters of the French Riviera and breath in the lavender fields of Provence. Tour the Medieval fortress of Mont Saint-Michel and visit the vineyards of Bordeaux. Here, romance extends beyond candlelit dinners to a deep love of all things excellent—from artisan cheese to a great conversation. So, wherever you go, let your dinners run long and order by the bottle. 

Popular Attractions in France

Eiffel Tower

Completed in 1889, the Eiffel Tower attracts seven million visitors each year. Ascend by foot or elevator to the top of this 1,062-foot wrought iron masterpiece where a panoramic view of Paris awaits. Once inside, enjoy a meal or champagne toast as you take in the view. Watch in the evening from Champ de Mars when 20,000 light bulbs illuminate the landmark with a dazzling light show. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame has stood proudly since 1345—after 182 years of construction— as the definitive example of French Gothic architecture. Usually, over 30,000 people visit the cathedral on any given day, but a fire in the spring of 2019 has caused a temporary closure. The original structure and artistic embellishments remain largely intact and will be on view again after the restoration.


 The platonic ideal of a palace, Versailles draws visitors year-round with its opulent architecture and exquisite gardens. Enter the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, who began construction in 1631. Tour the residence and gardens including the famous Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette’s retreat Petit Trianon. Explore the 2,014 acres by foot, bicycle, or golfcart encountering plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants along the way.

Mont Saint-Michel

Though only 236 acres, Mont Saint-Michel looms large as symbol French identity both as a fortress and religious site. Less than a mile off the coast of Normandy, this small island is protected by unpredictable tides. Explore the tiny village and be ready to climb some stairs as you take in the Romanesque and Gothic architecture, but the view from the Abbey is well worth the climb. 


Bordeaux has been producing wine for 10 centuries. The “Sleeping Beauty” of France will enchant you with its 18th-century facades and cosmopolitan attitude. Whether it’s a hip new restaurant or the Jardin Public, inspired by the gardens of Versailles, in Bordeaux, it’s all about the atmosphere. So take some time to stroll and don’t forget to slurp fresh oysters and local varieties with abandon. 

French Riviera

Visit this beautiful stretch of Mediterranian coastline known as the French Riviera or Côte d'Azur stretching from Cassis to the France-Italy border to get your fill of beach luxury. Lounge in Saint-Tropez or try your luck in the Monte Carlo Casino. Yacht through azure waters while sipping cocktails.  Inland, you’ll find cozy villages, vineyards, and fragrant fields of flowers. This is where glamour meets relaxation.

Unmissable Places in France