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View of the cliffs of the Faroe Islands in Europe.

Faroe Islands Vacations

Spectacular, wild, and remote

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    Why Embark on a Faroe Islands Tour?

    Secluded and lonely - during a Faroe Islands vacation, you will become one with nature, as the many islands with their breathtaking landscapes invite you to unique outdoor experiences. While hiking through valleys, up mountains and to waterfalls you will experience magical moments in the perfect scenery of nature. But you should also get to know the inhabitants and culture of the Faroe Islands. The hospitality and the culture of seclusion will inspire you!

    Discover Breathtaking Scenery During Your Faroe Islands Vacation

    In the North Atlantic between Iceland, Norway and Scotland are the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands. During a vacation on the Faroe Islands you can explore the unique nature in six very different regions. Experience the charm of small island villages, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged coasts and lush green valleys. With the tips of our experts you can explore the most beautiful places of the archipelago.

    What is the Food and Culture Like on the Faroe Islands?

    • Christian faith is deeply rooted in the Faroe Islands and shapes the culture

      Culture on the Faroe Islands

      The Faroese are descended from Vikings and Irish monks. The Christian faith is deeply rooted. Although the Faroe Islands were isolated, the inhabitants were important trading partners as seamen and craftsmen. The Faroe Islands do not belong to the EU, but as an autonomously governed area formally to Denmark.

    • Skerpikjot - the delicacy on the Faroe Islands

      Food on the Faroe Islands

      Skerpikjot is a dish made from air-dried mutton and is considered a delicacy in the Faroe Islands. The meat is dried in a shed for five to new months and then eaten like ham. The method of air-drying is also very popular with fish.

    Where to Go on Your Faroe Islands Tour?


    Eysturoy, the second largest island in the archipelago, forms the centre of the Faroe Islands with the region of Streymoy. Here is the mountain SlĂŠttaratindur, which is the highest point of the archipelago with 882 meters above sea level. A visit to places like SlduvĂ­k, Funningur or Hellur is like a journey through time. Life seems to stand still here.


    The SuĂ°uroy region is known for its direct and humorous inhabitants. But hospitality is not the only reason for the region, the deep fjords and the breathtaking landscape are also very attractive. From the bird cliffs you can enjoy unique views from lofty heights. If you are even more in the mood for adrenaline, join a climbing tour on the mountain RĂĄvuna.


    The island of VĂĄgar is often the first point of reference for travellers, as the airport is located here. Here you will find some of the most beautiful scenic highlights such as the MĂșlafossu waterfall near Gasadalur, one of the landmarks of the Faroe Islands. The towns of BĂžur and GĂĄsadalur are famous for their beautiful views of the fjord and the TindhĂłlmur peninsula.


    The Norðoyggjar region in the north of the Faroe Islands consists of six small islands. Here there are high mountains with springs which picturesquely plunge into the sea as waterfalls. Klaksvik on the island of Borðoy is considered the capital of fishing. Less

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