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Landscape of a farm at the lake shore, surrounded by meadows and purple flowers, mountains in the background, Tjornes peninsula, Iceland, Europe.

Iceland Tours & Trips

The northern lights and hot springs

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    Why Embark on a Tour of Iceland?

    This enchanting country draws adventure lovers to its remote shores, with the promise of epic waterfalls, huge glaciers, and the legendary northern lights. Positioned between Greenland and Europe, this intriguing isle is the size of South Korea, yet has fewer residents than New Orleans. With two-thirds of its population living in and around the capital city, Reykjavík, the rest of Iceland offers an unparalleled sense of space and calm.

    See where the North American and Eurasian continents meet on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Hike Vatnajökull, Europe's largest non-polar glacier, which sprawls across the landscape. Kick back and relax in steaming waters at one of the many geothermal spas. Speak to your Tourlane Travel Expert for insider tips and recommendations. They’ll help you plan an Iceland tour that suits your tastes and budget. Less

    Our Most Popular Tours and Trips

    1. Europe, Iceland, Skógafoss Waterfall cascades from a cliff with a rainbow.




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    2. Der Aldeyjarfoss Wasserfall in Island




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    3. Discover glaciers, the Golden Circle, and other natural wonders on an Iceland road trip




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    4. Europe, Iceland, the warm waters of Blue Lagoon steam against a sunset sky.




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    Where to Go on Your Iceland Tour?


    An exciting first activity to enjoy during your Iceland trip is a visit to the striking white and blue icebergs of Jökulsárlón, one of the country’s most picturesque glacial lagoons. If you’re interested, your Tourlane Travel Expert will organize a snowmobile tour along the iceberg-filled lake to see the tongue of Breiðamerkurjökull, an outlet of the larger glacier for which the park is named. This is where ice slowly breaks off into floating chunks and travels to the mouth of Jökulsárlón.

    Secret Lagoon

    If you like relaxing in a beautiful outdoor setting, visit the Secret Lagoon for the chance to rejuvenate in a natural, unspoiled location during your Iceland tour. Unlike the man-made Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland, the Secret Lagoon is less discovered, and involves a real stretch of water that sits discreetly in the Icelandic landscape. It’s heated by the lava field below, with bubbles and temperature levels varying around the lagoon. You’ll feel at one with nature as you dissolve in the soothing warm waters, gazing at the surrounding scenery. 

    Skógafoss Waterfall

    At 80 feet wide and with an almost 200-foot drop, Skógafoss, or “Forest Waterfall,” is one of the largest in Iceland and a must-see for those interested in geography. If there’s even a hint of sun, you are bound to catch a rainbow from the continuous spray. Climb the steps on the side of the waterfall for sweeping views of the cascade and the Atlantic Ocean—and make sure to bring a poncho.

    Thingvellir National Park

    Thingvellir National Park is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. See where the North American and Eurasian plates meet and explore the surrounding lava fields. Enjoy the mineral-rich waters of Thingvellir Lake and try to spot a fox in the surrounding birch forests. Less

    1. Europe, Iceland, Akureyri seen from offshore with snowy mountains in the background.


    2. See the Reykjavik skyline, pictured here on a sunny day with mountains in the background, on a Reykjavik vacation.


    What is the Food in Iceland Like?

    • Cod fish and tomatoes in the restaurant. Westfjords Iceland.

      What is the Food in Iceland Like?

      If you are a seafood lover, then a trip to Iceland is perfect for you. Wherever you turn in the entire country, delicious fresh fish is served up alongside delectable vegetables, grown in the geothermal powered greenhouses. If you need to warm up at any point, consider a shot of Brennivín —the country’s signature schnapps— which will help you forget the cold. The country’s capital, Reykjavik, has a thriving culinary scene and is the ideal place for foodies to visit. 

    What are the Best Events in Iceland?

    1. Reenactors in the Viking Festival of Reykjavik. Ready for training in the battlefield.

      What are the Best Events in Iceland?

      Iceland boasts a varied events calendar, ranging from the Winter Lights Festival in February to the Summer Solstice festival in June. If you’re interested in the island’s norse heritage, consider visiting Iceland for its annual Viking Festival in mid-June, which takes place just outside Reykjavik. One of the most famous festivals in Iceland is Thorrablot, or Month of Thor. This midwinter festival takes place in February and is a great time to visit Iceland. 

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