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The Hassan II. Mosque in Casablanca Morocco


Casablanca Vacations

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Our Expert Tips for Your Casablanca Vacation

"I'm looking into your eyes, little girl!" - For romantics, Casablanca will be forever linked to Bergman and Bogart. But there's much more to Morocco's trading center than a Hollywood cliché. The city's French colonial heritage intertwined with Arab culture is incomparable. During a visit, you will feel the modernity as well as the religion and tradition that lives in the alleys of the old town. Casablanca has courage and style and shows you a completely different but fascinating side of Morocco.

Top Attractions to Visit When You Travel to Casablanca

  • Mosque in Casablanca

    Hassan II Mosque

    The symbol of the city

  • Palm trees in Casablanca

    Parc de la Ligue Arabe

    A green oasis

  • Casablanca Cathedral

    Casablance Cathedral

    The Sacré-Coeur Cathedral of Casablanca

What to See During Your Casablanca Vacation?

Hassan II Mosque

Bigger is better - this is what King Hassan II probably said to himself when he commissioned this mosque in 1980. He wanted to give Casablanca an impressive landmark and he succeeded. For 13 years, over 6,000 Moroccan artists worked on the mosaics, intricate marble floors and hand-carved, gilded wooden ceilings. Only materials from Morocco were used for the construction; from the cedar wood of the Atlas Mountains to the natural stone of the Sahara, the whole country is represented in the mosque. With the highest minaret in the world (200 meters) the mosque is very photogenic, especially at sunset!

2. Parc de la Ligue Arabe

Do you want to let your soul dangle for once? - In Casablanca this is best done in the 'Parc de la Lique Arabe'. The park is particularly impressive because of its landscape symmetry - it looks great how the palm-lined promenades are interrupted by the decorated fountains and gravel paths. Add to this the many fruit trees, colourful rose beds, mosaic-lined water channels and the Sacré Coeur Cathedral in the background. The complex gives you the opportunity to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and take a deep breath during your Casablanca holiday.

3. Plague of Aïn Diab

If the weather is fine, you should exchange the rich culture of the Orient for a relaxing day between locals on the beach. The best place to do this is the wide, fine sandy beach of the 'Plage Aïn Diab'. This well-kept stretch of beach stretches along the clear Atlantic Ocean. Besides swimming, there are also many beach clubs and wonderful restaurants. If you want to spend a more active day on the beach, you can also try your hand at beach football or surfing.

4. Casablance Cathedral

The Sacré-Coeur Cathedral in the centre of Casablanca is in no way inferior to the Hassan II. mosque in magnificence and size. Built in 1930, this art-deco masterpiece is no longer used for religious purposes but as an exhibition venue. Even though the church is built in neo-gothic style, the clear muslim and moroccan influences cannot be denied. Pouring the concrete into moulds for the construction was another design experiment. Your efforts to climb the stairs in one of the two church towers will be rewarded with a great view of the city.

5. Mohammed V Square

Casablanca cannot be compared with other cities in Morocco. Due to the brisk trade the metropolis is richer and more western than its sibling cities. To show its wealth and professionalism, Casablanca has many magnificent squares, such as Mohammed V Square in the centre of the new town. Many striking buildings line the busy square, which is often used by locals and visitors alike for strolling and dining. The monumental fountain in the middle of the square becomes the scene of a breathtaking light show in the evening hours. A true highlight of your Casablanca holiday. Less

Other Places to Visit During Your Tour

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