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The beautiful blueness of Chefchaouen in Morocco

Chefchaouen Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Chefchaouen Vacation

    The jewel of the desert is Chefchaouen - the capital of Western Sahara. The 'blue city' at the foot of the Rif Mountains has one of the most beautiful silhouettes in the world, consisting of numerous narrow, small houses. These are all painted blue, as this colour is supposed to protect against the 'evil eye'. The relaxedness, as well as the nostalgic flair and the narrow streets give Chefchaouen its magic. If you get lost, no problem, there is already a pot of mint tea and a delicious tajine waiting for you somewhere.

    1. Chefchaouen Medina

      Medina Chefchaouen

      The city centre of Chefchaouen

    2. Ras El Ma Waterfall

      Ras El Ma Waterfalls

      The central meeting place for locals

    3. Chefchaouen Mosque

      Grand Mosque

      A somewhat unusual mosque

    What to See During Your Chefchaouen Vacation?

    1. Chefchaouen Medina

    The city center is simply breathtaking and is guarded by the high mountains of the Rif Mountains to boot. The old town has only five entrances and as soon as you cross one of the thresholds, your senses will be beguiled by the many aromas and shades of blue. You'll smell fresh bread, oriental spices and goat cheese. Stroll through the charming alleys and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. An unforgettable experience on your Chefchaouen trip.

    2. Ras El Ma Waterfalls

    On the east side of Chefchaouen's city center lies the cornerstone that led to the construction of the 600-year-old city: the Ras El Ma Waterfalls. It was the only source of drinking water and later electricity in the region (water mills were used to generate power). The falls are not very big, but are the central meeting point for locals to cool off or do laundry. You can follow the soothing flow of the water to the Portuguese bridge.

    3. Parc Bouhachem and Talassemtane

    Bouhachem and Talassemtane National Parks offer you everything you expect from hiking in national parks. The immaculate beauty of the natural landscape and forests is so compelling that the region served as the backdrop for 'Game of Thrones'. You'll also find indigenous wildlife, waterfalls and even Toughoubit Cave on the many well-paved hiking trails lined with cedar, fir and pine trees. As you explore, you'll also come across a village or two and learn more about the cultural background of the inhabitants.

    4. Grand Mosque

    The central mosque is somewhat unusual with its octagonal minaret and stands out visually from the many square towers of the mosque landscape in Morocco. Built as early as the 15th century, the design of the place of worship is influenced by the Andalusian style that came to the country with Muslims from Spain. From the inside, the mosque is magnificently furnished and decorated in the typical oriental hues. Another distinguishing feature of the mosque is its brown-beige color. It is the only building in Chefchaouen that is not painted blue.

    5. Kasbah Museum

    Kasbah means fortress and Chefchaouen has a particularly beautiful one. When the sun goes down and the azure blue surroundings enclose the Kasbah, you are definitely caught up in the unreal atmosphere of the place. The fortress hides many secrets behind its walls, such as an idyllic garden that provides shade even on hot days, or an ethnographic museum with many insights into the history of the region, or the attached gallery where you can meet local artists. The Kasbah is definitely worth a detour on your Chefchaouen trip. Less

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