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View over the medina of Tanger and the sea in Morocco

Tangier Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Tangier Vacation

    Located on the north coast, the city of Tangier awaits with a variety of cultures, influences, flavours and colours. The 'Gateway to Africa' awaits you with spectacular beaches that contribute their part to Tangier's fame. Also, the modern and cosmopolitan flair of the city contrasts fascinatingly with the history and tradition of the medina, the old town. The mixture of these interesting influences of the city at the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar, will captivate you.

    1. Kasbah in Tangier

      Kasbah Museum

      The soul of the city

    2. Hercules Cave

      Caves of Hercules

      The important cave complex

    3. Tangier Park Rmilat

      Park Rmilat

      A place of lush vegetation

    What to See During Your Tangier Vacation?

    1. Kasbah Museum

    If the medina is the heart of every Moroccan city, the Kasbah is its soul. In Tangier, the fortress is located on a hill from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the deep blue sea. The defensive site was also the residence of the Sultan, which is why the palace is located within these walls. The Kasbah Museum awaits you with an impressive variety - from information about the palace to the history of the region and the eclectic art of Morocco. The enchanting Andalusian garden behind the museum gives you a chance to catch your breath after all the sightseeing.

    2. Caves of Hercules

    Along the northwesternmost coast of the country is a fascinating complex of caves around which numerous myths and legends have grown up. According to tradition, Hercules slept here on his way to steal the three golden apples from the Garden of Hesperides. This is just one of the many folk tales about the extraordinarily beautiful and archaeologically important cave complex. There are only two entrances to the Hercules Caves, the one facing the sea resembling the shape of the African continent. The land entrance was created by the local Berbers who broke the stones out of the rock. Do not miss a visit on your trip to Tangier!

    3. Rmilat Park

    Rmilat Park holds a unique, breathtaking diversity of vegetation and birds, characteristic of North Africa. Recharge your batteries on your walks or take a seat amidst the lush vegetation to enjoy a picnic of local delicacies. You'll also find spectacular viewpoints in the park that give you views of the Mediterranean all the way to Spain. You can also visit Cape Spartel Fortress, which marks the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.

    4. Jardins de la Mendoubia

    Moroccans love carefully landscaped gardens that encourage meditation and contemplation. The garden of Mendoubia is no exception. Situated next to the Commercial Court, it boasts a symmetrical design, ancient trees adorning the entrance to the Manoubia, the obligatory magnificent marble fountain and an 800-year-old dragon tree. The park is the lungs of the otherwise very hectic city. Linger here a little and let your Tangier holiday, the soul something dangle!

    5. Church of Saint Andrew

    Finding an Anglican church in Morocco may sound strange to you, but Hassan I gave the English this piece of land for it in 1880. Behind the altar on the archway, visitors can read a version of the Lord's Prayer in Arabic. The building is also very beautiful and the bell tower of the place of worship is shaped like a minaret. A walk through the cemetery is highly recommended, as you will learn surprising stories about the city's former international residents. Less

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