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Bordered by no less than five countries, stretched on the western coast of Africa, Namibia boasts having one of the most unique geographical positions in the world. The country’s location on the African continent enables it to offer one of the most distinctive travel experiences on the continent: from the world’s largest sand dunes to the unique wildlife of the Caprivi Strip, the natural wonderland that Namibia offers is second to none. Nowhere else is this exceptional geography felt than in the Namib Desert, the world’s oldest, which fascinates with its endless, fire-blazed dunes. Whether on the beach or in the desert, Namibia is the perfect starting point for your tailor-made African adventure.

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Namibia at a Glance

Home to many of Africa’s protected national wildlife parks, Namibia is a perfect destination for a safari holiday. At places like the Etosha and Caprivi National Parks, game drives are an excellent way to experience much of Namibia’s abundant wildlife and varied flora up close. There is often no set route for game drives, allowing experienced guides to impart their up-to-date knowledge of the area and change the route as you go, depending on the time of year and recent wildlife sightings.

Adventurers from all over the world come to Namibia to experience the sensational Namib desert, as well as the “Dune Sea” of Sossusvlei. Both places are great opportunity to experience the desert and learn about its inhabitants is on a 4x4 desert tour. Your tour gives you the opportunity to learn about unique, desert-adapted creatures, such as geckos, rolling spiders, skinks and other fascinating, diverse animals that call the these rolling dunes their home.

Namibia Highlights

Etosha National Park

Not only is Etosha a highlight destination in Namibia, but it is also regarded as one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. Over 100 different species of animals, including the rare Black rhinoceros and four of the ‘Big 5’ can be found here. Perhaps even more amazingly, more than 400 kinds of birds call Etosha home, sure to delight amateur and professional ornithologists alike. Due to the salt pan geography of Etosha and the numerous waterholes, the wildlife viewing can be truly superb as you spend your time with the animals clustering at these locations.

Walvis Bay

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib desert, the town of Walvis Bay offers unique geographic features. Most notably is a sand spit and tidal lagoon that is home to pelicans, flamingos and other unique bird life. The harbour at Walvis Bay also serves as Namibia's main port and a highlight here is a sightseeing boat tour, to look for dolphins, cormorants and seals along the coast.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is the second largest canyon in the world. While one can start to get an idea of the magnificence of this natural wonder at a canyon lookout, visitors should really try to join a multi-day hike to truly appreciate the size and grandeur of this canyon. Spending a winter night in one of the campsites under a starry Namibian sky is an experience you won’t soon forget.


No visit to Namibia is complete without seeing the highest sand dunes in the world. Here, in the Namib desert, you will find one of the country's most spectacular and famous attractions: red sand dunes, some reaching over 300 meters high. Unique photo opportunities abound here, with spectacular golden morning and evening light often providing perfect photographic conditions of this unique desert wonderland.

Caprivi Strip

The Caprivi Strip is a strip of land that juts out into the extreme northeast of Namibia. It lies between Angola and Botswana and extends to the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This tropical strip of land is crisscrossed by major rivers and is an up and coming wildlife viewing destination that is a little off the normal tourist path.

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Best Time to Visit Namibia

Summer in Namibia (November to April) is warm, sunny, and particularly hot in the interior. Summer also coincides with also the rainy season, though this period mostly corresponds to the interior areas of the country. December, however, is peak beach season in the coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Winter in Namibia is generally mild, with warm, pleasant temperatures. Coastal regions are cooler than the interior throughout the year, where winds off the ocean help keep you cool.

For viewing wildlife, visiting between April and October is best. You’ll find pleasantly warm to hot weather and, most importantly, drier conditions at the inland parks. A lack of rain helps to keep the animals near watering holes and thus easier to find.

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