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Luederitz - A Diamond in the Rough

With unusual, Germanic, art nouveau architecture, Lüderitz is a charming relic of the 19th century. Sandwiched between the huge coastal dunes of the Namib desert in the north and the rocky coastline of the south, Lüderitz was the first city of German Southwest Africa. It was also the centre of the great diamond rush of the early 1900s and the old wealth still shows. Stroll through sand-swept streets, visit historic treasures and enjoy breath-taking views of the “city of the bays" from Diamond mountain.

  1. Goerke house
  2. Robert Harbor
  3. Rock Church
  4. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

The top attractions in Lüderitz

1. Goerke house

One of the architectural highlights in Lüderitz is the Goerke-Haus, often noted as the best preserved and grandest house of the diamond-rush period. Perched on Diamond mountain, overlooking Lüderitz, this Art Nouveau building showcases the former home of Hans Goerke who worked at a local diamond mine. A historical and architectural marvel that has been lovingly restored and testifies that once upon a time, Lüderitz was one of the wealthiest towns in the world.

2. Robert Harbour

Robert Harbour is the bay between Shark Island (actually a peninsula) and Lüderitz. From the promenade, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the offshore islands. Here is also where you can board boat trips to the Penguin Islands, home to colonies of African penguins and other wildlife.

3. Rock church

The Rock Church, also known as the Felsenkirche, is a national monument and landmark of the city. This Neo-Gothic church is proudly perched on Diamond mountain and notable for its colourful stained-glass windows - donated by the German Emperor Wilhelm II. The church is only accessible a few hours in the evening, but this is perfect timing for the fantastic play of colours that await you when the setting sun breaks through the stained glass.

4. Kolmanskop ghost town

A wonderful, unique experience awaits travellers who venture out to the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Enjoy the eerie feeling of exploring a town slowly being reclaimed by nature. Also enjoy a visit to the local museum, set up by the De Beers diamond company that displays mining equipment as well as photographs showcasing daily life in town before it was abandoned. Tours and permits to visit the town can be found in Lüderitz.

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