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Elephant zwischen Bäumen im Serengeti Nationalpark in Tansania

Serengeti Safari and Zanzibar - Private Guide

Experience the savannah from the skies and the ground

  • From 9 days

  • Private Guided

  • May to November

  • 19-24+ hours

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Serengeti Safari and Zanzibar Tour

What better way to enjoy a Tanzania safari tour than from above? On this tour, fly between your destinations, enjoying a unique perspective on the vast openness of the savannah, before heading back to earth for classic 4x4 explorations of the safari trails. Along the way, look upward for vultures and eagles patrolling the skies, while crocodiles and hippos guard the waterways. Swap your binoculars for a swimsuit in Zanzibar, a tropical island paradise and the best way to complete any Tanzania vacation.

  1. Arusha

  2. Ngorongoro

  3. Serengeti

  4. Zanzibar

  5.  Less
Giraffes in Arusha Nationalpark, Tansania

1. Arusha

Fly into Arusha, where your tour will start. Enjoy a champagne toast on the airstrip before boarding your Cessna light aircraft to fly west, into Tanzania’s savannah. As you fly low over the landscape, look out for herds of wildebeest, zebras, and elephants below. The scale of this beautiful country is best seen from above, seeing the vistas stretching out for hundreds of miles around.

Ngorongoro Crater - an impressive natural spectacle on a camping safari Tanzania

2. Ngorongoro

Explore the Ngorongoro crater, a 2,000ft deep volcanic crater. Take a moment on the rim of the crater to look down over a stretch of paradise opening up beneath you, the perfect place for a picnic lunch. Spend the day touring the crater’s wildlife, from flamingos preening in the shallows of Lake Magadi to the densest concentration of lions anywhere in the world.

Elefantenherde in der Serengeti - ein Muss bei einer Camping Safari Tansania

3. Serengeti

Time to take another scenic flight in a light aircraft, this time northwest to the Serengeti, Tanzania’s oldest national park. Keep a lookout for flocks of ostriches, running at speeds of over 45mph underneath your plane. Once you’ve landed, climb aboard your Land Cruiser for another safari drive. Keep your eyes upwards for hundreds of bird species, from the Dark Chanting Goshawk to the Long-Crested Eagle.

Aerial panoramic view of the exotic beach of Zanzibar.

4. Zanzibar

Fly east from Tanzania’s interior to lush Zanzibar. Visit Stone Town, where Portuguese and Omani architecture give way to fishing villages and sweeping beaches. Take a trip to Prison Island, home to a sanctuary of Giant Tortoises, or strap on a scuba tank and dive with the whale shark. After a week on the safari trails, Zanzibar is the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail, looking back on the ultimate Tanzanian tour.

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