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Hot air balloons over the Serengeti

Ultimate Tanzania Vacation: Serengeti & Zanzibar - Small Group

From wild savannah to turquoise waters

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Things You'll See During Your Tour

Tanzania is the favorite safari location for our Travel Experts. Tour the country’s breathtaking landscapes, from the verdant Ngorongoro Crater to the open grasslands of the Serengeti. Tick off the Big Five safari animals: the lion, giraffe, elephant, wildebeest, and leopard, while spotting warthogs, hyenas, vultures, and many more along the way. Finish your Tanzania tour in Zanzibar and wash off the dust from the trail in clear waters, after a perfect safari adventure through the best Tanzania has to offer

Ngorongoro Crater - an impressive natural spectacle on a camping safari Tanzania

1. Karatu

Start your Tanzania tour in Karatu, in the foothills of the Ngorongoro caldera. This extinct volcano is today the world’s largest unbroken crater, home to some of the world’s last black rhinos. At the end of the day, gaze up towards the Leo constellation illuminating the night sky, one of the clearest in the world and a perfect campsite in this enchanting wilderness. Listen out for prides of lions on the hunt under the twinkling stars.

Spot zebras in the Serengeti on a safari in Tanzania and Kenya

2. Northern Serengeti

The Serengeti Plain, Tanzania’s oldest national park, is synonymous with visions of wildebeest migrating and lions yawning in front of the vast horizon. Start your day with a hot air balloon ride at dawn, where you’ll float through the peaceful air of Tanzania’s grassy interior. Back on the trail, get ready for a Serengeti safari drive. Keep your camera ready for all of the Big Five on this quintessential trail.

Kudde olifanten in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

3. Tarangire

Immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful wildlife of Tarangire National Park, a favorite of our Travel Experts, where bulbous Baobab trees dot the landscape. The stars of the show on this backwoods tour of Tarangire are the herds of African elephants, led by formidable matriarchs. It takes an expert guide to get so close to these enormous animals, who love Tarangire more than anywhere else—a true Tanzanian highlight.

Aerial panoramic view of the exotic beach of Zanzibar.

4. Zanzibar

After seven days on the safari trail, fly east to Zanzibar, Tanzania’s tropical paradise. Wander the streets of Stone Town, where Portuguese missionaries, Omani slavers, and Freddie Mercury have all left their stamp on the town. Head to the island’s east coast, where fishing villages and sandy beaches give way to coral reefs and the Indian Ocean. Order a drink, climb into your hammock, and unwind after an unforgettable safari tour in Tanzania.

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