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View of the Bahai Temple in Kampala Uganda

Kampala Tours

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Kampala Tour

    Kampala has an incomparable charm: people from all over the world meet here, religions live next door to each other and the cultural and ritual heritage of the Baganda is omnipresent. Kampala is not only the capital of Uganda, but also the seat of the king of Buganda. Experience a stirring and diverse city that will inspire you spiritually and historically. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a basilica visited by the Pope and a majestic colonial palace await you!

    1. The Catholic-Christian Centre of Uganda

      Basilica of the Martyrs

      The Catholic-Christian Centre of Uganda

    2. The National Mosque on central Kampala Hill

      Uganda National Mosque

      The National Mosque on central Kampala Hill

    3. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

      Kasubi Tombs

      A UNESCO World Heritage Site

    What to See During Your Kampala Tour?

    1. Basilica of the Martyrs

    The Basilica of the Martyrs is the Catholic Christian center of Uganda and a place of pilgrimage prized by pilgrims worldwide. It is the first place visited by a Pope in Africa. The rotunda is modelled on an African wooden hut and dedicated to the 14 martyrs burned here in the 19th century. Wooden plaques line the basilica and, in addition to telling you the story of the martyrs, vividly explain how the once small chapel was transformed into a meaningful place. During your Kampala trip, you can of course attend mass.

    2. Uganda Museum

    Welcome to the oldest museum in East Africa! The Uganda Museum awaits you as an emotional tour through Uganda's history as well as the daily life of the different tribes. At the same time, a visit here is an entertaining excursion into cultural achievements. Besides the far more than 100,000 exhibits and countless, partly playable musical instruments, you will be especially impressed by the open-air museum in the museum garden. Here, various types of houses and huts as well as everyday and work objects are exhibited, giving an authentic insight into the cultural heritage of the country.

    3. Uganda National Mosque

    Although Kampala is a center of the Catholic-Christian faith, a large Muslim community also inhabits the city. As a sign of coexistence, the Uganda National Mosque was built on central Kampala Hill in 2006. The magnificent structure is now inseparable from the city skyline and can be seen from anywhere. At the same time, the golden mosque is open to any visitor. Especially impressive is the minaret that you can climb. From it you can enjoy a magnificent view over Uganda's capital.

    4. Kasubi Tombs

    A visit to the Kasubi Tombs is worthwhile for two reasons. The reed-roofed round buildings provide a deep insight into the ritual and cultural life of the Baganda, an ancient people of Uganda. Secondly, they are the burial place of the kings of Buganda, a kingdom in central Uganda that still exists today. The remarkable structures of the sites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Exhibitions of relics and portraits of the deceased kings will bring you closer to the life of the Baganda.

    5. Kabaka's Palace

    Kabaka's Palace (Lubiri Palace) is still the seat of the King of Buganda. The magnificent building in colonial style has a moving and stirring history behind it. On a short guided tour, you will relive the history of the kings up close, stroll through the picturesque garden and enjoy the view over the grounds from Mengo Hill, on which the palace is perched. It is one of the most important and significant places in Kampala and an absolute must-see on your Kampala trip. Less