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The Wat Leu Pagoda in Sihanoukville Cambodia

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Sihanoukville Tour

    The young port city of Sihanoukville is Cambodia's gateway to paradise islands like Kho Rong and Kho Rong Samloem. The place was named after the Khmer king Norodom Sihanouk. The lively and bustling coastal town is famous for its gorgeous beaches, its five venerable Buddhist temple complexes and a lively nightlife.

    Thanks to its location on the Gulf of Thailand, you can easily combine a city and beach holiday in Sihanoukville. Enjoy this highlight on your Cambodia round trip to the fullest - ideally with a cool drink and a view of the sea. Less

    1. Cambodia Sihanoukville beach

      Otres Beach

      Considered the most beautiful beach in the city

    2. Cambodia Sihanoukville Market

      Phsar Leu Market

      A feast for the senses

    3. Cambodia Sihanoukville Wat Krom

      Wat Krom

      A temple idyllic in the mountains

    What to See During Your Sihanoukville Tour?

    1. Otres Beach

    Considered the most beautiful beach in all of Sihanoukville, Otres Beach enchants you with a mile-long sandy beach, paradisiacal palm trees and a quiet as well as relaxed atmosphere, ideal for unwinding on your Sihanoukville trip. The water is very clear and shines in a fantastic azure blue. Unlike the immediate city beaches of Sihanoukville, Otres Beach guarantees relaxation and a feeling of a real beach holiday. Nevertheless, your physical well-being is taken care of: many lovingly run cafés and restaurants spoil you with specialties of Cambodian cuisine. If you want to go shopping yourself, then head to Otres Market. Otres Beach can be reached after a twenty-minute taxi ride.

    2. Leu Pagoda

    Leu Pagoda, actually called Wat Leu, is one of the most beautiful and striking Buddhist structures in Sihanoukville. With typical golden-red facade, the Wat radiates down from the hilly hinterland to the downtown area. Distinctive features include the pagoda-like roof and the ornately crafted three-headed elephant that rises from the stone rampart surrounding the temple. At almost every corner you will marvel at depictions of Buddha and religious scene. The green park around Wat Leu is also particularly attractive. For this reason alone, it is worth the climb to the temple. Once you have reached the top, you can relax on a walk through the temple complex and look out over Sihanoukville and the offshore islands from the "high temple" - a fantastic panorama!

    3. Independence Beach

    Experience dreamlike sunsets in the front row at Independence Beach: The small but especially popular city beach is located in the west of Sihanoukville and is considered a real insider's tip for a romantic end to the day. From the sandy beach you can see as far as the offshore islands of Kho Rong Samloem and Kho Thas. But a trip to the beach is also worthwhile during the day: numerous bars and cafés invite you to relax with a cool drink and a tasty snack. The shady trees that line the beach are also an advantage. Independence Beach is a relaxing break from the otherwise bustling city.

    4. Golden Lions Roundabout

    The Golden Lion Roundabout, a spectacular roundabout in the heart of Sihanoukville City, is certainly one of the unusual highlights. The golden statues depict fearsome lions that immediately catch everyone's eyes. The ensemble oversees one of the most important traffic junctions of the city. The main road continues to the southern beaches at Sihanoukville and the ferry terminals. It's best to enjoy a snack or drink at one of the many cafes and restaurants that surround the Golden Lions Roundabout. Meanwhile, watch the hustle and bustle of this special place.

    5. Phsar Leu Market

    Amidst the bustling downtown of Sihanoukville, you will come across Phsar Leu Market, which is almost drowned in the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it is one of the magnets that attracts hundreds of people every day: Phsar Leu Market is a large indoor market selling fabrics, food, street food, souvenirs and jewelry at fair prices. Here, you will immediately immerse yourself in the authentic and real life of Cambodia on your Sihanoukville trip. The covered market is a feast for the senses - everywhere you look, taste and smell the delicious specialties of the country. Feel free to be bold! Bargaining is always part of the deal here. Phsar Leu Market is a real highlight away from the famous sights.

    6. Wat Krom

    Just a stone's throw from Independence Beach Pier is the radiant and ornate Wat Krom - one of the five Buddhist temples in Sihanoukville. Locals also call it the "lower temple" as it is not located in the mountains like its counterpart Wat Leu. However, Wat Krom is also built on a hill. So, in addition to visiting the temple complex, you get to enjoy a fantastic view of the coastline all the way to the Gulf of Thailand. Unlike Wat Leu, which is very popular with visitors, Wat Krom is more relaxed. The gilded statues and Buddhist representations thus unfold an exciting magic all of their own. The temple is dedicated to the regional deity Ya-Mao. Less

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