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Ancient Chinese architecture in Beijing, China

Beijing Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for You Beijing Vacation

    With 21.7 million inhabitants, Beijing is a giant metropolis even for China. Beijing is a city with its finger on the pulse of time, where futuristic skyscrapers dominate the sky. Nevertheless, the 2,000 year old metropolis guards its historical heritage like the apple of its eye. Be it the Great Wall of China, the world's largest museum or the most spacious of all city squares - Beijing boasts monuments of superlatives.

    In addition, picturesque parks entice visitors to take a stroll and lively shopping streets offer one culinary surprise after another. Visit the city in spring and enjoy the pleasant temperatures or marvel at the play of colours of the deciduous trees in the mild autumn months. Less

    1. Beijing Forbidden City

      The Forbidden City

      A total of 980 temples are located here

    2. Beijing Summer Palace

      New Summer Palace

      A masterpiece of Chinese architecture

    3. China Beijing Great Wall

      Great Wall of China in Badaling

      The largest building of all times

    What to See During Your Beijing Vacation?

    1. Temple of Heaven

    The Temple of Heaven is enthroned majestically in the Dongcheng district. 38 meters high is the Hall of Harvest Sacrifices, where the Chinese emperors used to pray for fertile fields. Its red wooden columns form an interesting contrast to the golden decorations and the interior shines in bright colours. After your visit you should take a walk through the surrounding park where you can watch the locals dancing the fan and doing Tai Chi.

    2. Tian'anmen square

    It forms the largest public space in the world - Tian'anmen Square or Tiananmen Square. It covers an area of 39.6 hectares, which is equivalent to 55 football fields. This is where the heart of Chinese culture beats: in the Great Hall of the People in the west, important Chinese state guests are received, and in the east, the Chinese National Museum attracts visitors with more than one million exhibits. Visit the Mausoleum of the revolutionary leader Mao, a building of great national importance.

    3. The Forbidden City

    For centuries only high state officials had access to the imperial residence - hence the name of this city within Beijing. Today you enter the 180-hectare palace complex under the watchful eyes of a Mao portrait. The Forbidden City is home to a total of 980 temples. In the centre is the majestic Hall of Supreme Harmony with the opulently decorated imperial throne. After your visit you should go to the Jingshan viewpoint. Here you can enjoy a great panorama of the imperial city on your Beijing trip.

    4. New Summer Palace

    It towers majestically on the shores of Lake Kunming: the new summer palace - former retreat of the emperor and a masterpiece of Chinese architecture. It is not only because of the peaceful, idyllic gardens that a visit is worthwhile. Through richly ornamented colonnades, you will walk to the Pavilion of Buddhist Fragrance with its 16 feet high golden Buddha statue. Come here early in the morning and let your gaze wander over the mist-covered mountain forests - a unique symbiosis of spirituality and nature.

    5. Qianmen Street

    This half mile long boulevard runs from Qianmen Tower to Tiantan Park and is home to numerous historical buildings from the Qing Dynasty. But not only history lovers get their money's worth here. The historic buildings are home to antique shops, fashion boutiques and restaurants where you can taste Beijing's specialties such as roasted duck and oxtail soup. Soak up the nostalgic charm on a ride on the Dangdang Che tram.

    6. Great Wall of China in Badaling

    What would a Beijing holiday be without a visit to the Great Wall of China? In Badaling is the closest and best preserved section of this largest building of all times. From the imposing watchtowers from the Ming Dynasty you can enjoy a fantastic view over the wooded hilly landscape. A tip: Stay until nightfall when the Great Wall of China is atmospherically illuminated. Less

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