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Shanghai Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Shanghai Vacation

    The vibrant metropolis of Shanghai is not only the economic centre of China, it also attracts travellers from all over the world and impresses with its multicultural flair, unique glamour and architectural highlights of several centuries. Modern skyscrapers and traditional Shikumen dominate the skyline and are a symbol of the symbiosis of Western and Chinese culture.

    The shopping metropolis also presents a great international culinary variety. The best time to travel is in October and November. In this short period of autumn outside the high season, the weather is pleasantly mild and dry and you can easily explore all the sights. Less

    1. Shanghai Yu Yuan Gardens

      Yu Garden

      One of the most popular places in Shanghai

    2. Shanghai City God Temple

      City God Temple

      A status symbol of the city

    3. Shanghai TV Tower

      Oriental Pearl TV Tower

      Much more than just a lookout tower

    What to See During Your Shanghai Vacation?

    1. Yu Garden

    The Yu Garden, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is over 400 years old, is one of the most popular places in Shanghai. The Chinese name stands for "pleasing" and is program: On an area of 215,000 square feet, there are numerous examples of classical horticulture, a rock garden, carvings and the Yuyuan Bazaar. All pavilions, ponds and cloisters have an individual character. A special experience is the nine-turn or zigzag bridge at night: colorful lights at both ends of the bridge spread a magical atmosphere. During the Chinese New Year celebration you can also view an artistic lantern exhibition here.

    2. Tongli

    The water city Tongli is located one hour away from Shanghai and looks back on a 1,000-year history. The canal system with its picturesque bridges and gondolas is reminiscent of Venice and offers you an original view of China. The network of lakes and waterways made the city impassable, which is why it has survived turbulent times well. Ancient structures include stone bridges, private gardens, temples and traditional houses. Take a boat trip or visit one of the tea houses and shops along the canal. The contrast to modern Shanghai could not be greater.

    3. Jin Mao Tower

    In the heart of the Lujiazui financial and trade zone in Pudong, this building is the third highest in Shanghai at 1378 feet. The Jin Mao Tower is easily accessible by car through a tunnel system. The 88-story skyscraper was completed in 1999 and combines traditional and modern elements. It houses spacious offices, a luxurious 5-star hotel, exhibition and banquet rooms, and a viewing platform. A special highlight is the 200 foot long skywalk on the roof of the building: Walk through the clouds and enjoy the panorama during your Shanghai holiday.

    4. City God Temple

    The City God Temple dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is a real status symbol. A proverb says: If you don't reach the City God Temple, you will never reach Shanghai, so a visit should also be on your Shanghai holiday. The gods worshipped here are Taoist patron saints who watch over the metropolis. On 21,500 square feet there is space for nine magnificent palaces, whereby e.g. the palace of Qin Yubo is modelled on the royal throne room. In addition to religious ceremonies, you also have the opportunity to admire acrobatic performances or practice calligraphy yourself. You can also buy art and souvenirs here or enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and bars.

    5. Oriental Pearl TV Tower

    The skyscraper, completed in 1990, stimulates the imagination and is reminiscent of twin dragons playing with pearls. At 1500 feet high, it is the sixth tallest television tower in the world. The filigree construction with spheres stands on a green meadow and thus seems to float on a jade tray. The double-decker lifts take you up to the top, where a surprising number of activities await you. Here you will find spheres of relaxation as well as a futuristic space and fantasy city, shops and restaurants to discover. Less

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