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Skyline in Osaka, Japan

Osaka Vacations

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    Travel to Osaka on Vacation

    Japan's third largest city awaits you at the bay of the same name in the Kansai region, just a three-hour train ride from Tokyo. In contrast to the rather reserved inhabitants of the capital, the people of Osaka are considered to be more relaxed and laid-back. In addition to historic buildings and lively neighbourhoods, you can look forward to countless bars and restaurants. The unofficial slogan of the city is not for nothing "eat till you drop".

    1. Japan Osaka Castle

      Osaka Castle

      One of the most historical castles in Japan

    2. Japan Osaka Dotonbori


      The lively district

    3. Osaka Umeda Sky Building

      Umeda Sky Building

      For the best panoramic view

    What to See During Your Osaka Vacation?

    1. Osaka Castle

    The magnificent castle of Osaka towers majestically over the city like a watchman. It is one of the most historic castles in Japan. In the main tower, which was reconstructed with donations from the city's inhabitants, there is a museum dedicated to the builder and emperor Hideyoshi Toyotomi. From the viewing platform on the eighth floor you can enjoy an impressive view over Osaka. The castle is surrounded by an idyllic park, which is particularly worth a visit during the cherry blossom.

    2. Dotonbori

    The Namba district, where Dotonbori is located, is probably the craziest part of Osaka and must be experienced during your Osaka vacation. Here karaoke bars line up with large and small shops as well as restaurants, bars and amusement arcades, illuminated by the light of countless colorful neon signs and neon signs. Stroll through the colourful amusement district and along the river of the same name and let yourself be amazed. On a boat trip you will get to know Dotonbori from a new perspective.

    3. Shitenno-Ji

    The Buddhist temple Shitenno-ji, which looks back on a history of more than 1,400 years, is located above Tennoji Park. However, most of the buildings are replicas, as the temple was destroyed several times. Especially the five-storey pagoda will catch your eye. In the Golden Hall inside the temple you can also visit the shrine of Prince Shotoku. In January the Doya Doya Festival takes place here, where young men fight for an amulet.

    4. Osaka History Museum

    In a modern skyscraper near the castle, the Osaka History Museum awaits you. From the staircase you have a unique view of the fortress. The tour of the museum starts on the tenth floor and leads down to the seventh floor. Here you will learn everything about the city, from the time when Osaka was the capital of Japan to the present. In the basement you can also admire the excavations that took place here before the high-rise building was built.

    5. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

    Let us take you back to the Osaka of the Edo period. The interactive exhibition of the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living makes it possible. For example, stroll through an old kimono shop, a toy store and a bathhouse. With great attention to detail you will get to know the city in a special way. At some stations, the lights are dimmed to better feel the passage of time, and even the sound of rain is imitated to mimic the weather in Osaka. A unique experience during your Osaka vacation.

    6. Umeda Sky Building

    The Umeda Sky Building is also the landmark of Osaka. The two glass towers are connected by a bridge. On the top floor, the ring-shaped Observatory of the Floating Gardens awaits you, from which you can overlook every corner of the city. Enjoy this breathtaking view at an altitude of 550 feet. On fine days you can see not only as far as the harbour, but even as far as the island of Awaji. Less

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