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Japan Sapporo Skyline view

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Sapporo Tour

    Sapporo welcomes you as an extremely unusual city. The streets of the metropolis of millions follow a grid-like layout reminiscent of large American cities. There is also an extensive underground network of paths, which makes strolling through the city a pleasure even in the cold season. In winter, Sapporo and its surroundings are a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts.

    The Snow Festival in early February attracts visitors from all over the world to admire the spectacular ice sculptures in Odori Park. Sapporo also delights discerning gourmets. The noodle dish "Miso Ramen" was invented here, the farms in the surrounding area are famous for their beef and the sea provides fish and seafood of excellent quality. Beer lovers can look forward to huge beer gardens in summer. Less

    1. Japan Sapporo TV Tower and Odori Park

      Odori Park

      The green heart of the city

    2. Japan Sapporo Clock Tower

      Clock tower

      The historical landmark of the city

    Top Attractions to Visit During Your Sapporo Tour

    1. Odori Park and TV Tower

    The narrow, elongated Odori Park is considered the heart of the city. The park is not only a place to relax on your Sapporo trip, but also provides a perfect stage for numerous events. In summer, five of the 13 sections of the park are transformed into a huge beer garden where local breweries present themselves. At the eastern end rises the Sapporo TV Tower, which reminds a little bit of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. From the visitor platform at a height of around 90 metres, there is a wonderful view of the park and the city.

    2. Sapporo Beer Museum

    The city of Sapporo is home to one of the four major Japanese beer producers, the Sapporo Brewery of the same name and also the only Japanese beer museum. This is located in an old brick building, a former sugar factory, which later became a brewery before it was transformed into a museum worth seeing. The brewery museum owes its appreciation as an official cultural monument to the stylish ambience. The highlight of a visit is without doubt the extensive tasting that follows, which is included in the entrance fee. Even without visiting the exhibition, you can enjoy a Sapporo beer in the museum's beer garden.

    3. Clock Tower

    The historical clock tower is considered the landmark of the city. It is less a tower than a part of a delicate building. This former assembly building is one of the oldest buildings in Sapporo and was built in the 1870s, when American government advisors helped the region establish efficient agriculture. Therefore, the clock tower resembles an elegant wooden villa from the American West. Every hour on the hour a melodic chime sounds. Inside, an interesting museum awaits you with an exhibition on agricultural development on Japan's northernmost islands.

    4. Hokkaidojingū

    The Hokkaidojingū is one of the few sacred buildings on Hokkaido. The architecturally very charming and wonderfully maintained Shinto Shrine is located in the hilly and densely forested Maruyama Park, not far from downtown Sapporo. Especially impressive are the more than 1,200 cherry trees, which in their blossoming time transform the meadows and paths around Hokkaidojingū into a snow-white landscape. A wonderful sight on your Sapporo trip. Traditionally, the temple is visited by families on New Year's Day. In spite of the severe cold during this time of year, several hundred thousand people gather in the winter park.

    5. Teine Ski Resort

    The train ride from downtown Sapporo to Teine Ski Resort with the Olympia Ski Center takes less than half an hour. The Winter Olympics were held here in 1972, the first Winter Olympics on the Asian continent. At an altitude of around 1,000 metres, the Teine Ski Resort offers perfect conditions for winter sports of all kinds. No less than 13 lifts lead to a number of slopes with very different degrees of difficulty. Particularly spectacular are the night-time descents on perfectly illuminated slopes. Less

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