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View over the skyline of Tokyo to Mount Fuji

Tokyo Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Trip to Tokyo

    Many cities and metropolises are said to build a bridge between tradition and modernity, past and even future. But this is true of no other city like the lively capital of Japan, Tokyo. Here you will find ultra-modern buildings and entire quarters that seem to consist of nothing but electronics stores, as well as magnificent temples, the imposing imperial palace and traditional tea houses in the midst of picturesque parks.

    1. Japan Tokyo Senso-ji

      Senso-ji Temple

      The oldest and most important temple of Tokyo

    2. Japan Tokyo Skytree

      Tokyo Skytree

      For a breathtaking panoramic view

    3. Japan Tokyo Hakone


      Mount Fuji is only a train ride away

    What to See During Your Tokyo Vacation

    1. Tokyo Tower

    The Tokyo Tower will not remind you of the Eiffel Tower in Paris for nothing. It was built after this model in 1958 in the district of Minato, but at 1100 feet, it is higher than its French brother. The building is also a symbol of Japan's western orientation after the end of the Second World War. From two fully glazed observation platforms you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the city - on a clear day you can even see the mighty Mount Fuji!

    2. Senso-Ji Temple

    In the Asakusa district of the city you will be welcomed by the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji. On the way to the impressive Buddhist temple you will first pass the Thunder Gate. Directly behind it, the lively Nakamise shopping street awaits you, taking you back to the Edo period. Stroll past the colourful stalls and stock up on typical Japanese souvenirs such as fans, yukata or local sweets. Once you arrive at the temple, you can admire the 180 feet high, five-storey pagoda. A visit here is certainly a highlight of your Tokyo vacation

    3. Tokyo Skytree

    The Tokyo Skytree with its 2080 feet even towers above the Tokyo Tower many times over. At the foot of the tower is the Plaza shopping centre, where you can go shopping to your heart's content. From the viewing platform at 1200 feet you not only have a breathtaking panoramic view, but also restaurants, a café and various shops await you here. The highest platform is at 1500 feet. Especially at night it is worth a visit when Tokyo turns into a sea of lights.

    4. Odaiba

    Odaiba, in the bay of Tokyo, is a popular destination for both travellers and locals. The Rainbow Bridge takes you from the city centre to the artificial island, where there is, for example, a replica of the Statue of Liberty or the only beach in the entire Tokyo city area. Architecture lovers will enjoy the sight of Fuji Television's headquarters, shopping enthusiasts will get their money's worth in the Venus Fort shopping street, and the National Museum of Futurology and Innovation has its own planetarium and robots.

    5. Hakone

    Those who would like to turn their backs on Tokyo for a day or two and find themselves in the breathtaking nature of Japan will reach the Fuji Hakone National Park after a two-hour train ride. Here, spectacular landscapes await you, characterized by volcanoes, crater lakes, hot springs and above all the majestic Mount Fuji. With the Hakone Pass you can use all means of transport within the park - from buses, trains and boats to cable cars. You can spend the night in a ryokan, a typical Japanese accommodation. A visit here will remain in your memory long after your Tokyo holiday is over. Less

    Other Places to Visit During Your Tour

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