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    Our Expert Tips for Your Kuala Lumpur Travel Tour

    Kuala Lumpur - just KL for short - is a metropolis that never fails to surprise. On foot, you walk through air-conditioned overpasses a few meters above the traffic to the shopping malls. The skyscrapers are also modern. Visit the famous Petronas Towers and stroll past old colonial buildings as a contrast. Discover the multicultural side of the city by visiting the night market in Chinatown or one of the many temples. With Tourlane you can book your flights, transfers, accommodation and guides - all in one place! Our travel experts will put together a tour package to suit your travel tastes.

    1. Petronas towers to climb on a Kuala Lumpur holiday

      Petronas Towers

      Famous twin towers soaring to 1,500 feet

    2. Batu Caves to Discover on Kuala Lumpur Vacation

      Batu Caves

      Limestone caves with Hindu temple outside the town

    3. Chinatown experience on a Kuala Lumpur vacation


      Colourful neighbourhood with lively Pentaling Street

    What to See During Your Kuala Lumpur Travel Tour?

    Petronas Towers

    The Petronas Towers are the landmark of Kuala Lumpur. The twin towers were built by the petroleum company Petronas and shape the skyline of the city with a height of 1,500 feet. The buildings are part of the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). In the towers are several hundred offices, but also a hotel, shopping centers, banks contains, an art gallery, a concert hall with 865 seats and the natural science museum "Petrosains". Those who wish can visit the skybridge that connects the towers at a height of 564 feet. On the 86th floor is the Observation Deck.

    KLCC Park

    The park of the KLCC, short for Kuala Lumpur City Center, is located directly at the Petronas Towers. The KLCC Park in the heart of the city is a green oasis. Especially at nightfall, many visitors come to see the famous water show. But even during the day, the 20-hectare park is popular with locals and tourists alike. There are green spaces, playgrounds, a lake, jogging paths and gardens here. Stroll through the park and enjoy the garden in the middle of the city with around 2000 palm trees and many birds. On the northern edge of the park is the Masjid-As-Syakirin mosque.

    Batu Caves

    The Batu Caves about 8 miles outside the city are famous mainly because of the pilgrimage festival Thaipusam, where believers drill skewers through their cheeks or tongues as part of self-mortification. A visit to the temple caves is a must for many visitors to Kuala Lumpur. The limestone cave is the most popular temple complex of the Hindus in Malaysia. Already from a distance you can see the imposing 137 feet high statue of Murugan. 272 colorful stairs then lead into the sacred main cave. Already on the stairs you are greeted by the many monkeys that live in the cave. Inside it is dim, candles and fairy lights illuminate the cave, incense sticks wrap the room in smoke. A very special atmosphere!


    In Pentaling Street, the heart of Chinatown, numerous stalls are set up every evening. Red lanterns decorate the street. On the night market you can find cookshops with countless exotic dishes. It's steaming and fragrant and well worth sampling your way through Chinatown's delicacies. From smoking grills to sizzling fried foods, sugary desserts and drinks like bubble tea, there's a full range of Chinese cuisine. In addition to the food stalls, there is everything you can imagine: Souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, electronics and much more. Numerous temples, shops and galleries ensure that you could stay in Chinatown forever.

    Menara Kuala Lumpur

    Menara Kuala Lumpur, more commonly known as KL Tower, is the tallest television tower in Malaysia at 1381 feet. In the world rankings, the ranks seventh. From up here, there is a breathtaking panoramic view and the view of the Petronas Towers from above. At a height of 905 feet, there is an observation deck with a glass floor. Then there are two other paid viewing platforms: the Observation Deck and the Sky Deck. One thing is for sure: the view is magnificent from all places. Less