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The Best Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

10 Expert Tips From an Ex-NATO Director

    What are the best ways to stay safe while traveling? Experts recommend staying home if possible, but if you need to travel this summer, we’ve produced a guide together with an ex-NATO director—our Head of Safety, Johann Jones⁠—to help you stay safe. After spending years working for the U.S. Government and NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq advising senior personnel on risk factors and scenarios, Johann is an expert in safety, security, emergency incident management, crisis management and risk mitigation. 

    Together with our emergency response team, Johann ensures Tourlane travelers are safe on every step of their journey. He constantly monitors and assesses risk factors in each Tourlane destination to ensure travelers have up-to-date information on safety before they depart, and have support during their trip. 

    Here Are the Top Travel Safety Tips From Veteran Safety Expert Johann:

    Graphic Road Trip

    Choose a road trip and consider hiring your own RV. This is the safest way to travel right now. Avoid any kinds of group travel.

    Graphic Private Guide

    Consider hiring your own private tour guide instead of joining larger group tours. This helps to reduce contact with other people.

    Graphic Vacation Rental

    For your accommodation, choose to stay in a vacation rental, lodge, or small boutique hotel. This will help you to avoid crowds and buffets.

    Graphic Outdoor

    Opt for a vacation in the great outdoors and in other areas of low population density. National parks are lower risk compared to cities.

    Graphic Good Weather

    Choose a destination with good weather, and maximize time spent outdoors. Good weather makes it easier to eat outside, which is safer.

    Graphic Pay Contacless

    Using contactless payment is the safest, most hygienic form of payment. Look for taxis that accept contactless and avoid using cash.

    Graphic Lines

    While traveling, avoid spending time in lines at all costs. This is a good reason to avoid airports and flying, as they typically involve you waiting in multiple lines.

     Direct Flight Graphic

    If you need to fly, choose more expensive direct flights over one-stop itineraries. This reduces contact with others, queueing, and time spent in airports.

    Choose an airline that has direct flights and a free middle seat policy. Check the airlines’ websites for their latest updates on this topic.

    Graphic Window Seat

    The best seat to reserve in advance is a window seat as far away from the restrooms as possible. Check aircraft online seat maps for more info.

    About Johann

    Johann Jones is Tourlane's Head of Safety & Sustainability. He has over 15 years of international development experience with a strong focus on governance, socio-economic development, and security in high and extreme risk countries. He has worked for the United States Department of Defense and was Deputy Director Operations for NATO in Afghanistan.

    Having visited well over 50 countries so far, Johann is a seasoned and passionate traveler. Johann holds an MA in Arabic & Economics from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, as well as an MBA from Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium.

    Tourlanes Head of Safety and Sustainability, Johann Jones