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View over island landscape in the Bocas del Toro province of Panama

Bocas del Toro Vacations

The top sights, highlights, tours & travel itinaries curated by our Travel Experts.

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Bocas del Toro Vacation

    A village-like Caribbean atmosphere, Latin American rhythms, palm-fringed beaches, fresh and aromatic fruits and warm hosts - the province of Bocas del Toro on the island of Colón in northeastern Panama has all this to offer you. The diverse international influences can not only be tasted in the delicacies, but also heard in the many local languages (Spanish, English and Jamaican Patois) and experienced in the colorful and vibrant alleys.

    Expect pure island life with water taxis, unspoiled nature and fun. Less

    1. Bocas del Toro Starfish beach

      Starfish Beach

      Ideal for swimming and snorkeling

    2. Bocas del Toro La Gloria

      Alto Chorro hiking trail

      A path through the emerald rainforest

    What to See During Your Bocas del Toro Vacation?

    1. Starfish Beach

    Bocas del Toro is known for its snow-white beaches with turquoise-blue Caribbean waters. Starfish Beach combines this quality with a fascinating underwater world. Starfish Beach is not directly exposed to the ocean, so the water is calm and clear - ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In keeping with its name, Starfish Beach is full of different coloured starfish and other marine life such as rays and dolphins.

    2. Plasticbottle Village

    An eco-educational paradise is the 'plastic bottle village' in Bocas del Toro province. Relaxing and vacationing is nice, but it's also interesting to learn how to protect the environment from damage, and be sustainable as a tourist. The village is designed to educate you about the consequences of plastic consumption. The initiative is excitingly implemented, as the village is really lovingly built and the environmental issues are artistically presented. Guests agree: a must for every visitor to the island!

    3. la Gloria - the Alto Chorro Hiking Trail

    Sore muscles and mud-encrusted hiking boots may be part of your Bocas del Toro trip. There are a variety of beautiful hiking trails in Bocas del Toro - either along the pristine coastline, or in the interior of the province. According to your fitness level, there are different trail difficulty levels and lengths. Alto Chorro is one of the most difficult trails and is quite uphill in parts, but the lush grass and emerald rainforest are worth the 12 kilometers of effort. From the trail you can also spot many turtles and other land and sea creatures.

    4. Playa Bluff

    One of the most beautiful beaches in Boca, Playa Buff offers a clean, spacious stretch of beach with hardly touched nature. This insider tip is especially known among surfers for its good and high waves, but at the far end of the beach, the breakers ebb a bit, so you can also go swimming there. Seasonally, at night the giant sea turtles come to Playa Bluff to lay their eggs, which is yet another very good reason for your side trip.

    5. Simon Bolivar, Isla Colón Park

    During the day, Simon Bolivar Park is a beautiful Caribbean spot that provides shade in the middle of Bocas town. But at dusk, parades and concerts are more often held there. In November, for example, the festival celebrating the founding of Panama is held there. The park is also in the midst of the many other entertainment options Bocas has to offer. With a variety of bars, clubs, bars that become clubs and hotel bars that become clubs, many a night turns into day. A great way to end the day of your Bocas del Toro trip! Less