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    Yorkshire, in the north of England, is historically one of the major coal mining areas of the UK. Now, it’s a region known mainly for its vibrant cities such as Leeds and York, as well as its areas of natural beauty, including three national parks—the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales, and the Peat District. Start your Yorkshire vacation by heading to the city York, where you can experience a wealth of history, reaching back to Viking and Medieval England, before venturing out to the countryside, which have inspired poets and novelists for centuries. Book your Yorkshire Tour with Tourlane today, and enjoy the comfort of 24/7 support from the start to the end of your trip.

    Best Sites to See During Your Yorkshire Tour

    1. York Minster

    York Minster is a breath-taking Gothic cathedral, and the crown jewel of York. Completed in 1472, after several centuries of building, it is one of the largest of its kind in all of northern Europe, with more medieval stained glass than anywhere else in the country. Climb 275 steps up the central tower, and enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city, before descending into the chambers beneath the building, where you’ll discover the Undercroft Museum, offering interactive digital displays and artefacts focusing on 2,000 years’ worth of York history.

    2. The Shambles

    In the heart of York stands The Shambles, a narrow shopping street lined with overhanging buildings on either side. Originally designed for butchers’ shops in the Medieval Ages, the close confines and resulting shadows were a way to keep meat clear of direct sunlight. Now, popular boutique shops and cute cafes can be found here, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Harry Potter fans may be pleased to know that these higgledy-piggledy buildings and charming cobbled streets inspired the Diagon Alley scenes in the film adaptation! And indeed, if you look closely enough, you may recognise how some shop names now also reference the wizarding world.

    3. Jorvik Viking Centre

    If it’s a cold, wet, or—come to think of it—any kind of day during your vacation, the Jorvik museum is absolutely worth a visit. The highly interactive ‘Time Warp’ experience turns the idea of a conventional museum on its head, as you are transported back to 10th century Britain on a ski-lift style ride. Here, you can see life-size dioramas of Viking York, and experience the sights, and smells, of the city in a whole new way. Life-like figures bring this journey to life, the most recent of which have been created through facial recognition technologies, and are based on real skulls that were found in a Viking cemetery. After disembarking the ride, an expansive museum awaits, filled with some 800 finds from a Viking excavation, promising both a highly entertaining and informative experience.

    4. National Railway Museum

    Discover iconic locomotives, and a world of engineering triumphs during your Yorkshire Tour at the multi-award winning National Railway Museum in York. With over 100 trains there at any one time, you’ll get to see an array of the gigantic mechanical beasts up close, ranging from the Mallard—the world’s fastest steam locomotive—to a Japanese bullet train. Here, you’ll learn about not only how rail transport came to be, but also how crucial it has been in shaping society today.

    5. Fountains Abbey

    Travel back in time to a land of pious monks, and rolling fields of green, with the majestic ruins of the medieval Fountains Abbey. The Cistercian monastery is one of the largest, and best preserved ruins in England, harkening back to 1132. Less than only an hours’ drive from the City of York, this captivating site promises a thoroughly relaxing day out, as, after exploring the ancient ruins, and learning the tales of old, you can follow a winding riverside path to the 18th century water garden, and beyond that, to a deer park.

    6. Whitby

    Journey out to the coast during your tour of Yorkshire, heading to Whitby, where you can dip your toes in the sea, try some of the local seafood, and find your inner child at one of the amusement arcades. Explore the ruins of the 1,360-year-old Whitby Abbey and the clifftop graveyard which inspired the horror story Dracula. If you’re searching for an easy, relaxed, break away from the hubbub of a city, you’ve come to the right place. Less

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