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    Our Expert Tips for Your Burgundy Tour

    Amidst lovely nature, culinary highlights and a rich cultural heritage await you on a Burgundy round trip in central France. The landscape is characterised by rolling hills, lush green vineyards and dense forests. Meandering through it all are idyllic canals that invite you to take a boat trip or to follow the picturesque river courses by bike. Visit the historic castles of Burgundy, feast on the regional delicacies during a market stroll and let yourself be enchanted by the joie de vivre and the cosiness of the inhabitants.

    What to See During Your Burgundy Tour? 

    Roam through varied nature and follow in the footsteps of French history in stately castles and chateaux. Experience Burgundy's cuisine with all your senses and share the joy of good food with the locals. Contact one of our Tourlane Travel Experts to create your Burgundy vacation package.

    Where to Go on Vacation in Burgundy?

    Fontenay Abbey

    Fontenay Abbey is the oldest surviving Cistercian abbey in the world and has a history dating back 900 years. Founded in 1118, the monastery is located between Auxerre and Dijon and is one of the main attractions during a Burgundy vacation. The architecture is characterised by simple and clear structures and forms, without any ostentation. In 1981, Fontenay Abbey was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


    The city of Dijon is the capital of Burgundy and is famous for Dijon mustard as well as for the wine-growing region just outside the city. Dijon enchants with its picturesque old town streets and a fantastic gastronomic scene. Follow the tour of the owl, which will take you to the most important sights and most beautiful places.

    Morvan Nature Park

    Instead of lush vineyards, the Morvan Nature Park shows a very different side of Burgundy with lush meadows and spicy-smelling forests. Hike through the wild and romantic nature and visit the white Charolais cattle.


    A delightful town with pretty streets and squares and charming cafés and restaurants awaits you south of Dijon. Cluny is particularly famous for its abbey. Until the construction of St. Peter's Basilica, the abbey church was the largest church building in Europe. Even away from the Benedictine monastery, a visit to this charming town is worthwhile. You can enjoy a magnificent view over the roofs of Cluny from the Tour des Fromages. Less

    Useful Information for Your Burgundy Tour

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