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Europe, Italy, Rome, St Peters Basilica is seen from the Tiber River as the sunset casts the scene in purple and orange light.

Private Tour of Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome

Many shades of a Mediterranean crossroads

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What You'll See on Your Private Tour of Italy

Plan your own private tour of Italy hitting the top sites along the way. You’ll start in Venice, the floating city in the Adriatic sea where gondolas outnumber cars. Trade-in canals for cobbled streets as you head south to Florence—Tuscany’s capital and cradle of the Renaissance—and continue on to the ancient relics of the “Eternal City,” Rome. Finish your Italy vacation on the Amalfi coast, where no one will judge you for taking a limoncello at lunch and foregoing a hike for a spa day.

Discover beautiful canals and stunning architecture, pictured here, on a trip to Venice


Begin your private tour of Italy in the unique floating city of Venice. Ride a gondola and explore the romantic back alley waterways and alight at the Grand Canal where the bustle of Piazza San Marco awaits. Take in Saint Mark’s Basilica with a side of espresso and head east to Giardini, the royal gardens, for an afternoon stroll. In the evening, why not cruise to one of the outer islands for a sunset dinner?

Discover the beautiful skyline of Florence on a Florence vacation


Head south to the art and cuisine of Florence. Florence has been a cultural hub since it gave rise to the Renaissance. The city itself is a work of art— look no further than the terracotta dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. Of course, you’ll need a selfie with Michelangelo’s David, but the less scandalous works of Botticelli and Da Vinci deserve a visit as well. 



In Rome, you can immerse yourself in the past while living in the moment. Stop for gelato on the way to the Colosseum or an Aperol spritz post-Pantheon. The “Eternal City” is made for walking. Indulge in detours—you never know when a beautiful piazza will present itself. There’s always more to see here, so throw a coin into the Trevi fountain to ensure you return again. 

Blick auf die Küstenstadt Sorrento in Italien


End your trip luxuriating in Sorrento, the intimate resort town just off the Amalfi coast which overlooks the Bay of Naples. Escape to the spa for a morning of pampering. Then, take your time exploring the Romanesque churches and Renaissance piazzas of this colorful cliffside village. Go on an olive oil tasting, locally grown and produced, then end your private tour of Italy with gnocchi alla sorrentina and a shot of limoncello.

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