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Discover Seville's beautiful Alcazar Palace on a Game of Thrones Spain tour

Game of Thrones Spain Tour

Westeros come to life, without the dragons

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Things You'll See During Your Tour

Fans, embark on a dream Game of Thrones Tour of Spain with Tourlane! Spain is a treasure trove of beautiful locations that were used in the filming of the popular fantasy series. The country’s Roman, Arabic, and European histories are as intricate as those of Westeros and Essos, with an equally healthy dose of vivid characters—James I of Aragon is a spitting image of Joffrey. Dive into the elegant Moorish influences of Seville, the fierce Basque identity of Bilbao, and the lively Catalonian city of Barcelona—all via Dorne, Braavos, and Mereen. With Tourlane, organize everything in one place before you leave for vacation - we’ll book your flights, transfers, accommodations, and guides!

Die Plaza de Espana ist ein Muss bei Ihrer Sevilla Reise.

1. Seville

Known to the Romans as Hispalis and to the Moors as Ishbiliyya, Seville is a city defined by its Arabic architecture. You’ll recognize the water gardens of the Alcazar Palace as the home of the Martells, before heading through the boulevards from the enormous cathedral to the old Tobacco Factory, the setting for Bizet’s Carmen. The entire city is lined with Seville orange trees, giving every street a scent of Dornish luxury. Your Tourlane Travel Expert will organize a private walking tour of the Alcazar Palace for you. 

2. Italica

2. Italica

On your private walking tour of Italica, you’ll discover the city’s Roman amphitheater. It was built by the emperor Hadrian in order to glorify the city of his birth, making it the perfect place to film the ruined dragon pits of King’s Landing. Wander the vaults, layered with mosaics dedicated to Neptune and Mars, where men once waited for their deaths. It’s not hard to feel like a Roman emperor—or queen of Westeros—as you look over this majestic ruin.

3. Osuna

3. Osuna

Another private walking tour awaits you in Osuna - a beautiful Spanish town just outside Seville. Head over to the bullring, better known as the fighting pits of Mereen where the Sons of the Harpy attacked Danaerys, but don’t worry, there’s no dragons flying over the town today. Finish a day with a Jerez sherry, a drink so good that Sir Francis Drake once ransacked Cadiz in order to steal 3,000 barrels of the stuff.

Discover the incredible Sagrada Familia cathedral, pictured here, on a Barcelona vacation

4. Barcelona

Travel north to Barcelona, one of Europe’s most beloved cities. On your private panoramic walking tour organized by your Tourlane Travel Expert, you’ll discover the iconic Sagrada Familia, an enormous basilica that marries together art nouveau and neo-gothic. Stroll through Park Güell, Gaudi’s extraordinary urban park. End the day strolling around the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla, where the locals make the most of the long evenings with tapas and crisp glasses of Catalonian cava. 

5. Girona

5. Girona

Head inland to Girona, a beautiful city with a history involving Charlemagne, the Moors, and a king called Wilfred the Hairy. Girona’s covered bridges, grey towers, and winding streets were the natural choice for depicting Braavos, although our travel experts hope you won’t run into a guild of assassins on your trip. Follow the High Sparrow’s footsteps as you meander around the cathedral’s cloisters, where the Great Sept of Baelor was filmed.

Discover the vibrant city of Bilbao on a Basque Country Tour

6. Bilbao

After a short domestic flight, you’ll arrive in Bilbao - the largest city in the green hills of the Basque region, just south of the Pyrenees. Those interested in art should visit the impressive Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Gehry. Don’t miss Jeff Koons’ The Puppy, an enormous sculpture adorned with flowers. After a private walking tour of the city, spend the evening indulging in pintxos, the Basque equivalent of tapas. These bites are typically served on top of small pieces of bread, served with local Rioja wine.

7. Gaztelugatxe

7. Gaztelugatxe

On another private guided tour, you’ll head 15 minutes north to the islet of Gaztelugatxe and Muriola Beach, where Jon Snow first saw Dragonstone. The castle itself was depicted with CGI, however, a 10th-century hermitage dedicated to John the Baptist sits atop the island, accessible by the long stone staircase that you see in the show. Look out to sea and ask your Maester to chronicle your adventures so that the memories will last a lifetime. This is the last stop on your Your Game of Thrones Spain Tour.

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