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Spain Square (Plaza de Espana). Seville, Spain

Seville Vacations

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    Travel to Seville on Vacation

    Plan a Seville vacation and experience the capital of Spain’s vibrant Andalucia region, where every street reflects the Arabic and Castilian history of this colorful land. The Mudéjar architecture of Seville’s plazas and palaces, from the Giralda minaret to the Alcazar Palace, are a result of the Christian re-conquerors in the 13th century emulating the Arabic architecture of the Moors who previously ruled Iberia. After your sunny afternoons exploring the city’s enchanting history, head to the Triana neighborhood for traditional tapas and Muscat wine accompanied by the Flamenco dancing, the beating heart of this historic city.

    1. Die Kathedrale von Sevilla ist ein Muss bei Ihrer Sevilla Reise

      Seville Cathedral

    2. Alcazar von Sevilla - ein architektonisches Highlight und ein Muss bei Ihrem Sevilla Urlaub.

      Alcazar of Seville

    3. Erkunden Sie das Viertel Santa Cruz bei Ihrem Sevilla Urlaub

      Santa Cruz

    4. Die Plaza de Espana ist ein Muss bei Ihrer Sevilla Reise.

      Plaza de Espana

    5. Triana - ein Ort für Flamenco und ein Muss bei Ihrer Sevilla Reise


    Things to Do in Seville

    1. Seville Cathedral

    Start your Seville vacation at the city’s extraordinary beating heart. Seville Cathedral has it all: it’s the world’s largest cathedral, the burial place of Christopher Columbus, and is understandably a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built on the site of a 12th century mosque, the current gothic cathedral was completed in 1528. Ascend the Giralda, the former minaret of the original mosque turned belltower, and gaze over the orange tree-lined boulevards of this incredible city.

    2. Alcazar of Seville

    The Alcazar of Seville is the most beautiful example of Mudéjar architecture in Spain. In 1366, King Pedro I built this palace on the site of an Arab castle, complete with water gardens, where rock pools and manicured patios will make you feel like a sultan. Game of Thrones fans will recognise these gardens as the home of the Martells in Dorne—check out our Travel Experts’ Game of Thrones in Spain tour here.

    3. Santa Cruz

    With narrow alleyways and tall, shady buildings, Santa Cruz was built for protection against the intense Spanish sun. It was also home to the city’s Jewish population until the 14th century. Explore the shaded secrets of this enchanting neighborhood, from the intricate wrought iron ‘Locksmith’s Cross’ in the Plaza de Santa Cruz to the oasis-like patio of the Hospital de los Venerables.

    4. Plaza de Espana

    The Plaza de Espana looks like something from a fairytale. Built in 1929, this square was built as an emblem for all Spain, a dramatic mix of art deco, Arabic, and baroque styles. Stroll along the elegant facade, stopping to admire the intricate mosaic alcoves and the Fountain of Vincente Traver in the middle of the plaza, before crossing the moat and exploring the shady orange groves of the Maria Luisa park.

    5. Triana

    On the other side of the Guadalquivir river is Triana, where folks have always done things a little differently to their grander neighbors in the palaces. Cross the iconic Triana Bridge in search of Flamenco, one of Spain’s most famous exports. Settle in for a long evening of this passionate dance, accompanied by fast-tempo Spanish Guitar music—the perfect place to end your Seville vacation. Less

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