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Discover the beautiful village of Ronda in Andalusia, Spain on a Spain and Portugal tour

Spain and Portugal Tour - Mixed Group

The best of the Iberian peninsula

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Embark on a fascinating Spain and Portugal tour with Tourlane. On this 11-day journey, you’ll visit the Moorish palaces and Catholic cathedrals of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada, before crossing into Portugal, where the mountains of Alentejo offer incredible views of the Guadiana River. From ibérico ham to manchego cheese in Spain, to the salted cod and grilled sardines in Portugal, expect excellent gastronomy on your Spain and Portugal tour. The tour ends in Lisbon, Portugal’s picturesque and hilly capital that is also a foodie paradise. Your Tourlane Travel Expert will organize your flights, accommodations, guides, and transfers, all in advance!

1. Toledo

1. Toledo

The first stop on your Spain and Portugal tour is Toledo, an ancient city in central Spain. Start your day at the city’s highest point, the Moorish Alcázar fortress, where a collection of rare and curious weapons are testament to Toledo’s steel-making heritage. Next up, you’ll head to Europe’s oldest synagogue in the Juderia, or “City of the Jews.” End the day with a huge plate of crispy-skinned suckling pig cooked over an open flame behind a taverna - Toledo is a top culinary destination. 

2. Valdepenas and Córdoba

2. Valdepenas and Córdoba

Located in the southern region of Andalucia, Cordoba is the next stop on your Spain and Portugal tour. On the way, you’ll visit the village of Valdepenas to taste their Tempranillo wines. Once in Cordoba, head first to the old mosque and prepare to lose yourself among the forest of columns and the Catholic cathedral that fits tightly in the center. Wander through the old town, stopping off at an outdoor bistro for wine and tapas as the evening unwinds. 

3. Granada

3. Granada

Next up on the tour is Granada. You’ll climb the hill to the Alhambra, the mightiest of Andalusia’s Moorish palaces. Walk the ramparts and through gardens where nightingales swoop among elms planted by the Duke of Wellington in 1812. Cross the mosaiced squares of the old town to the Ablaicín district, where people have dwelled in caves for centuries. End an afternoon watching the Alhambra turn pink, a fitting way to enjoy such splendor. 

4. Ronda

4. Ronda

The beautiful town of Ronda straddles a plunging gorge and boasts one of the most dramatic cityscapes in Spain. Wander down winding back streets of the old town, and be sure to visit the Puente Nuevo bridge that crosses the Tajo gorge - the most iconic attraction in Ronda . While on the bridge, keep a lookout for the Griffon vulture, a bird with a nine-foot wingspan. 

Die Plaza de Espana ist ein Muss bei Ihrer Sevilla Reise.

5. Seville

A real feast for the senses, Seville is next up on your tour.  One of Spain’s most exciting cities, Seville is home to both flamenco music and tapas. Walk around the water gardens of the Alcázar palace, where the air is filled with the scent of Seville oranges. Don’t miss out on the whirling colors and hypnotizing dancing of a traditional Flamenco show and the intense flavors of the local Jerez sherry. Ask your Tourlane Travel Expert for insider tips and recommendations about the best flamenco shows in town.

6. Sierra de Aracena National Park 

6. Sierra de Aracena National Park 

Next, you’ll head out of town to the wide open expanse of Andalusia and hike the oak-lined trails of the Sierra de Aracena National Park. This part of Spain is home to black Iberian pigs, who produce the world’s best ham: Jamón Ibérico. A plate of this delicacy is best enjoyed with a glass or two of Rioja, making sure you get your fill of this luxurious lunchtime option among the open vistas.

7. Monsaraz and Estremoz

7. Monsaraz and Estremoz

At this stage, you’ll drive west over the border into Portugal and explore Monsaraz, where a village exists within castle walls. Climb the central tower for spectacular views of the Guadiana River’s pastel-blue waters. End the day in the town of Estremoz, where everything, including the cobbles you walk on, are made of local marble. Sip a sundowner in the shadow of the Church of St. Francis as the evening arrives.

Discover the beautiful hills and skyline of Lisbon, pictured here, on a tailor-made Lisbon vacation

8. Évora and Lisbon

Head west to Évora, an ancient town that predates the Romans. Visit the ruined columns of the Temple of Augustus, only a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of Évora, where the rose windows have inspired travelers for generations. End your vacation in Lisbon, riding one of the city’s yellow trams down to the waterfront for a meal of locally caught sardines and Alvarinho wine. 

American citizens do not require a visa to visit to go on a Spain and Portugal tour.

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