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The vast desert landscape of Wadi Rum in Jordan in the fiery red of sunset.

Jordan Tours

Ancient ruins and spectacular deserts

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    Why Embark on a Jordan Tour?

    The fascinating Kingdom of Jordan welcomes you to the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula and is considered a real insider tip. The country has a rich and impressive past, which you can experience by visiting ancient cities, the historic desert castles or biblical sites. The state capital Amman impressively bridges the gap between time-honored sights and the modern Jordan of today.

    Places to See on Your Jordan Tour

    Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea, the deepest point on earth with its location 1300 feet below sea level, holds very special moments for you. Because of the high salt content of the water, you can easily lie down on the surface of the water and just let yourself drift. Looking up into the sky you will experience a feeling of weightlessness. A bath in the nutrient-rich mud is also highly recommended.


    The red rock city of Petra awaits you with monumental tomb temples carved directly into the stone. In ancient times, this was the capital of the Nabataean Empire. You will pass through a narrow crevice called Siq to reach this imposing ruined site, which casts a spell over travelers from all over the world. The most famous building is the so-called Pharaoh's Treasury, a mausoleum at the lower exit of the Siq.

    Wadi Rum

    A sea of sand with spectacular sandstone and granite rock formations - welcome to Wadi Rum. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to Bedouins and is perfect for an overnight stay under the stars.

    Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo is considered holy in Islam as well as in Jewish and Christianity. Here Moses is said to have seen the promised land and was buried after his death. The impressive visitor site with its famous excavations was restored for over a decade and has been inviting visitors to explore in its new splendor since 2016. From the summit, a breathtaking view opens up over the Jordan Valley and, on a clear day, even as far as Jerusalem.


    Near the mountain Nebo is the city of Madaba, which is especially known for its mosaics from Byzantine times. The most famous one is located in the St. George's Church and represents a map of Palestine from the 6th century. In numerous mosaic workshops you can learn more about the creation of the works of art. Less

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