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View of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat Oman

Muscat Tours

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Muscat Tour

    Between the vast desert and the deep blue sea, surrounded by ochre-coloured mountain ranges, the ancient Muscat welcomes you. In the old port city, fortresses from the 16th century hide next to high-rise buildings and modern shopping centres. Let the medieval buildings and museums take you on a journey into the past.

    In addition to cultural discoveries, fine sandy beaches and diving areas lure you to Muscat. Due to its location in the Middle East, you can expect a hot climate with over 40 degrees Celsius, especially in summer. Therefore the months from November to March with temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius are best suited for your visit. Less

    1. Muscat Sultan Quabus Mosque

      Great Sultan Qabus Mosque

      One of the largest mosques in the world

    2. Muscat Muttrah Souk

      Muttrah Souk

      A feast for the senses

    3. Muscat Al Alam Royal Palace

      Al-Alam Royal Palace

      The characteristic palace of the Sultan

    What to See During Your Muscat Tour?

    1. National Museum of Oman

    In 2016, the new National Museum opened its doors in the heart of the city. It is dedicated to the culture and history of Oman and sends those thirsting for knowledge on a journey into the region's past. Multifaceted exhibitions go back to prehistoric times, provide insights into early shipping and also show contemporary objects. Watch an Oman short film in the museum cinema and browse for handicrafts in the souvenir shop.

    2. Royal Opera House Muscat

    The opera house is as magnificent as a castle with facades of pink limestone and noble marble floors. On 14 October 2011 it gave its first public performance with Turandot by Puccini. The concert organ on the stage of the red and gold theatre hall is particularly overwhelming. Even if you don't want to see a performance during your Muscat holiday, you should take part in a short tour to enjoy the impressive interior design.

    3. Al-Alam Royal Palace

    Via an elegant pedestrian zone lined with white government buildings you will reach the representative palace of the Sultan, which captivates with its blue and golden columns. When the Omani flag flies over the building in contemporary Arab style, the head of state is present and receives guests, for example. Have a look at the noble house also at night, when it is impressively illuminated.

    4. Great Sultan Qabus Mosque

    With approximately four hectares, the Great Sultan Qabus Mosque is one of the world's largest mosques and the most important of Oman and a visit should not be missing in your Muscat holiday. The church, built of white sandstone, can hold up to 20,000 believers. One of its most valuable facilities is the huge prayer rug in the main hall, which was made by Iranian masters. Also non-Muslims can visit the gorgeous building in the mornings. Afterwards you can learn more about Islam over a cup of tea in the cultural centre.

    5. Muttrah Souk

    Shimmering fabrics, handmade ceramic bowls, wooden boxes decorated with mother-of-pearl - unusual things, but also fruit and spices, can be purchased at this centuries-old bazaar. As you stroll through the labyrinth of shops and stalls, the intense scent of incense envelops you and the salesmen smile friendly at you. During your colourful shopping tour at the Muttrah Souk, explore the small alleys and don't forget to bargain.

    6. Qurum Natural Park

    In the middle of Muscat, this city park offers a fertile oasis with a pond and peaceful walking paths. In the extensive green area, snack stands provide you with cold drinks, ice cream and snacks, which you can enjoy while having a picnic on the well-kept meadows. Be sure to come to the park when you travel with your children: There is the Marah-Land leisure park with rides and the Fun Zone with bowling alley, ice skating rink and indoor playground.

    7. Muttrah Trail

    This ancient trade route was used until many decades ago by shepherds who sold their goats at the market in Muttrah. At the beginning over steps and later over stony paths you hike up into the rugged mountain landscape. The panoramic view over Muscat and the coast is breathtaking. Take the Muttrah Trail in the early morning or late afternoon, otherwise it is too hot. Less

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