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The city centre of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates seen from the air

Dubai Vacations

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Trip to Dubai

    Dubai is a megacity and a city of superlatives: With the Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab, Dubai is the metropolis with the highest density of skyscrapers beyond 1000 feet. The former desert settlement has long been playing in the concert of the world's most modern metropolises: within a few years, the small coastal city on the Persian Gulf has been transformed into one of the most important commercial centres.

    The postmodern downtown area was built in a very short time. Huge artificial islands have been created off Dubai's coast, which are home to some of the finest villas and restaurants. Get to know a city that, like no other, is one of the most recent architectural masterpieces in the history of mankind. Less

    1. Dubai Burj Khalifa

      Burj Khalifa

      The highest building in the world

    2. Dubai Miracle Gardens

      Dubai Miracle Garden

      A fragrant colour spectacle

    3. Dubai Water Games of Dubai

      Water features of Dubai

      A visual highlight

    What to See During Your Dubai Vacation?

    1. Burj Khalifa

    Normal words are not enough to describe the mighty Burj Khalifa only approximately. At 2716 feet, it is the highest building in the world ever created by human hands. It marks a new age of architecture in which boundaries are being pushed further and further into the sky. The Burj Khalifa marks the city centre of Dubai. At its feet unfolds the ultra-modern down town, home to exclusive shopping malls, fine restaurants and business districts. The extraordinary colossus of reinforced concrete, aluminium and glass is a feast for your senses: Are you free from giddiness? Then treat yourself to the view from the viewing platform "At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY". It is located on the 148th floor - "only" 1820 feet above the ground.

    2. Burj al Arab

    It is now one of the most iconic buildings on earth: the Burj al Arab, the "Tower of the Arabs", stands proudly on an artificially created island off the coast of Dubai. It is famous for its architecture, which is modelled on an inflated sail. It symbolises Dubai's golden past as a trading centre as well as its modern orientation towards the future. The 1053 feet high building is an exclusive luxury hotel, which also houses the famous Al-Mahara restaurant. A visit to the Burj al Arab is a must on your Dubai trip. Especially at sunset, window fronts create a splendid play of colours when they reflect the blood-red sun.

    3. The Palm Jumeirah

    The Palm Islands are another post-modern mammoth project for which Dubai has become famous worldwide. It consists of several artificially raised islands off the coast, arranged in the shape of a palm tree. One of the two island groups - and so far the only one that is accessible and navigable - is The Palm Jumeirah. On the "Palm Island" you will find paradisiacal beaches and a whole artificially created district. Those who live here live a life of pure luxury. So don't miss out on a walk through this ultra-modern and glamorous place. In addition, you can enjoy a fabulous view of the Dubai skyline from the island, which is almost five kilometres long.

    4. Fountains of Dubai

    The fountains are an integral part of the architectural ensemble of the Burj Khalifa and will be an absolute highlight on your Dubai trip. They are the largest choreographed water feature in the world. The highest fountain reaches a proud 500 feet. The game is located directly at the base of the skyscraper. The reflections created by the play of light and water on the glass facade of the Burj Khalifa are also remarkable. More than 6,600 lights and 50 colour plays underline the water play, which is accompanied either by traditional Arabic sounds or Western arrangements. They are drawn into a visual and also acoustic world. Especially at night you will enjoy a breathtaking spectacle that seems like a fairy tale. The illuminated skyscrapers and modern buildings in the background create an atmospheric backdrop.

    5. Dubai Mall

    It is more than just a shopping centre: The Dubai Mall is one of the most spectacular buildings of postmodern architecture. It is located right next to the Dubai water features and the Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Mall is thus a permanent fixture in the overall work of the Down Town. Over 1,200 shops, 120 restaurants and several cinemas and aquariums attract millions of visitors every year. Here you can shop in some of the most exclusive shops in the world. Particularly exciting are the separate jewelry stores, which together resemble an oriental gold market (souk). Whether you want to go shopping yourself or just experience the atmosphere of the Dubai Mall - every traveller will have his or her own unique experience.

    6. Deira Gold Souk

    The Deira Gold Souk makes your eyes sparkle! There is hardly any other place in the world where so many jewellers and goldsmiths line up as in the historic Gold Souk in Dubai's Deira district. No matter whether you actually want to buy gold, silver, diamonds or other precious stones, a visit to the covered gold market is a real highlight of your trip. In the narrow and winding alleys of the market there is a distinguished but extremely lively atmosphere. Everywhere excellent jewellery and goldsmith's work shines from the shop windows and stands. The culture of trading is also still intensively lived here: the current gold prices advertised everywhere are not negotiable, but you can drive down the price of the craftsmanship with any seller - that's part of good manners.

    7. Dubai Miracle Garden

    At the Dubai Miracle Garden you will immerse yourself in a completely different world that brings out the sweet and gentle side of the megacity: every year - from mid-November to mid-May - more than 150 million flowers and plants make the Dubai Miracle Garden shine and scent. Various sculptures, arrangements and works of art made of flowers stage a colour spectacle that resembles a dream come true. You walk along a castle made of flowers, linger under romantic rose pergolas and enjoy the sun at idyllic ponds lined with colourful flower beds. Every year the creators develop new sculptures and highlights. Recently, well-known Disney characters have completed the flower park. The Miracle Garden also includes one of the largest butterfly houses in the world. Less

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