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View from the air on Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

Cabo Vacations

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    Our Travel Expert Tips for Your Cabo Vacation

    In Cabo San Lucas you will experience pure romance and it is the perfect place to relax your soul. Especially in springtime, the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez to the east, with its varied beaches, bays and rock formations, attract visitors and some prominent travelers. You are spoilt for choice: snorkeling, hiking, swimming, watching native animals, dancing, surfing or just relaxing - there is definitely something for you in Cabo San Lucas.

    Our Travel Expert for Mexico Recommends the Following Sights:

    1. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

    2. Museum of Natural History

    3. Lovers Beach

    4. Playa el Médano

    5.  Less

    What Sights to See in Cabo San Lucas?

    1. El Arco De Cabo San Lucas

    Do not miss the most famous landmark of Cabo San Lucas: El Arco. At the southernmost tip of the Lower California Peninsula lies this unique 60-meter-high, arch-shaped rock formation. Another special feature of the rock arch: it draws the border between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. During low tide you can walk through the arch. During high tide, swimming is also an option, but it is better to take a boat. The swell at the meeting point of the two oceans can be very strong.

    2. Museum of Natural History

    You can discover the geological and archaeological diversity of the Baja California Sur peninsula (Lower California) in the heart of downtown Cabo. The 'Musao de Historia Natural de Cabo San Lucas' offers you an insight into the rich fauna of the area with its indigenous reptiles, birds and marine mammals. The museum is not limited to the animal world of Mexico, but also offers fascinating insights into its history, piracy, paleontology and astronomy.

    3. Lovers Beach

    You can only reach this small, charming beach by boat. The yellow, soft sand is surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful rock formations. No wonder that this place is called 'Playa del Amor' by the locals. Funnily enough, Lovers Beach on the Gulf of California side is connected to Divorce Beach on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean. Not that there are relationship problems there, it's just a description of the seas. On one side the sea is very calm, while on the other side it can be rather turbulent.

    4. Playa el Médano

    On the lively Médano beach you can really experience everything: a tropical reef full of exotic fish, delicious food, water taxis, glass-bottom boats, jet skis and delicious cocktails. The bay and the beach section are so beautiful that most cruise ships drop anchor right there. Less

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