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Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

Tours of the United States

The melting pot

Why Embark on a USA Tour?

United States vacations - where do you begin? From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, the USA is one of the world's biggest and beloved countries that we visit. It spreads over 3.8 million square miles and that include the skyscrapers of New York, the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, and sun-drenched California. Each state has its own natural wonders and cultural hotspots for you to enjoy. The third-largest country in the world by both population and proportion-the USA has it all.

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What to See During Your Tour of the United States

Yellowstone National Park

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the USA. At 3,500 square miles, it offers you the country's largest high altitude lake and North America's largest public bison herd. Get your boots on for the 900 miles of hiking trails, many of which lead to some of the park's spectacular geysers such as Old Faithful or Lone Star.

Grand Canyon

From above, the emerald Colorado River winds through the orange sandstone of the canyon walls-your ultimate postcard view. On the ground, paddle along the river in a kayak or clamber over boulders in your walking boots. Make sure you're at Hopi Point on the South rim for sunset, a place where the walls of the canyon are bathed in soft pinks and fiery reds.

Empire State Building

Opening in 1931, the Empire State Building has become the defining beacon of New York's history in one of the world's premier metropolises. From the ground, you'll enjoy the best views of the skyscraper from Bryant or Madison Square Parks. Take the smooth, high-speed glass lift to the newly renovated 102nd viewing deck and soak up the panorama including Manhattan Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. No United States vacation is complete without this iconic view.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the top attractions on any tour of the United States is the Golden Gate Bridge. Since opening in 1937, it has been a towering monument of engineering that to this day is an icon recognised throughout the world. Look east towards the infamous Alcatraz Island and then south at San Francisco. On a clear day, you can see Oakland in the distance. When the ocean fog descends, take an otherworldly walk across the bridge's span, guided by the spectral lights. Less

The American Vacation Experience

The USA is united by its variety and defined by its differences-Uncle Sam has many faces. Visit an Italian deli for lunch and a Taiwanese Bao restaurant for dinner in the same New York block, watch the fire-swathed sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge or lose yourself in the glitter and noise of a Las Vegas casino. The American vacation experience is all about the spectacle and pleasure of being alive in a country that can feel like the entire world.

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