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Experience unique desert scenery on an Arizona round trip

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On the Road in the Grand Canyon State

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Arizona Tour

    Rich in mineral resources and red-hot canyons - an Arizona round trip takes you through a special state. The former copper mines are shut down today. The flair of the old mining towns like Bisbee still beckons. The spectacular landscapes, especially the spectacular Grand Canyon, are known all over the world. The rugged cliffs and deserts are only one side of Arizona. Mountain forests and lakes also invite visitors to go hiking, biking or boating. The Native American influence is especially present. The Navajo National Monument, for example, shows the old rock dwellings of the native people, which can be explored on your own via a hiking trail.

    What to See During Your Arizona Tour? 

    Arizona, known as the Copper State or Grand Canyon State, attracts with impressive nature in the American Southwest. First and foremost the Grand Canyon, but also many other natural monuments can be explored on hikes. Visit canyons, deserts, lakes and mountain forests and experience a nature that is unparalleled. Learn more about the times of the copper mines during a round trip and follow the traces of the native people into the reservations and discover the country from its original side. In Phoenix and Tuscon, you can immerse yourself in the state's urban life and enjoy culture and culinary delights. With the recommendations of our travel experts you will experience Arizona as a diverse state.

    1. Mann wandert entlang des Colorado River durch den Grand Canyon in Arizona USA

      Grand Canyon

    2. Discover the Downtown district during your Phoenix vacation.


    Where to Go on Vacation in Arizona?

    Grand Canyon

    The South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is by far the most famous nature reserve in the southwestern USA. While the South Rim is only one of the three sides of the Grand Canyon that can be visited, it is definitely the most popular. Not only is there the Visitor Center and Grand Canyon Village with accommodations, restaurants and shops, but it's also the start of the shuttle line that takes you to the viewpoints along Hermit Road. Some of the best view points include Pima Point, Mojave Point, Hopi Point, Mather Point and Yaki Point.

    Petrified Forest National Park

    Petrified Forest National Park is known for its petrified forests and unique views of the Painted Desert. The semi-desert and shrub-steppe national park is located in Navajo and Apache Counties in northeastern Arizona. Fallen trees sank into the mud. Lack of oxygen slowed the natural decay of the wood and it fossilized.


    The first white pioneers arrived in the Valley of the Sun around 1860 and established what is now the city of Phoenix on the banks of the Salt River where the Hohokam previously lived. Although Phoenix is in the middle of a desert landscape, it is green here. This is due to the Roosevelt Dam and a sophisticated irrigation system. Since then, wine and tropical fruits have grown here, but golf courses also benefit from the water. Vacationers enjoy the choice of hotels and restaurants. A special attraction is also the Heard Museum, which is dedicated to the art and culture of the indigenous peoples.

    Hoover Dam

    The dam is located on the border between Arizona and Nevada. The dam creates Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the USA. The city of Las Vegas, about 30 miles away, owes its importance not least to the dam. When the dam was built between 1931 and 1935, thousands of workers spent their leisure time in the gambling town. The border between Arizona and Nevada runs exactly in the middle of the dam wall. Whoever crosses the dam changes the time zone between Mountain Time and Pacific Time accordingly.

    Sedona Verde Valley

    The Sedona Verde Valley region offers a lot: shopping, sightseeing, nature, wellness, casinos, galleries, wineries and much more. One of the main attractions is the Ghost Town Jerome, an old mining town. Many artists have settled here in recent years, giving the disused village a new lease of life. For more on the heritage of indigenous tribes, visit Montezuma Castle. The historic five-story structure was built by the Sinaguae over 600 years ago high above Beaver Creek in the escarpment.


    Bisbee was once called the "Queen of the Copper Deposits." The town was founded in 1880 when rich deposits of copper, gold and silver were discovered there. After the mines closed again, the little town was transformed. Bisbee is now a haven for artists and people who have found their retirement home here. Visitors love the colorful rocks du picturesque cliffside homes. Museums and mine tours keep the town's history alive.

    Navajo National Monument

    Navajo National Monument is located in northeastern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. In the Navajo National Monument, the rock dwellings of the native people can be visited. These can be explored on your own. On the mile-long hiking trail Sandal Trail hiking trail goes along the edge of the canyon through the special flora and fauna. Less

    Useful Information for Your Arizona Vacation

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