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View of Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida, USA

Florida Vacations

Beaches galore in the Sunshine State

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Florida Vacation

    Experience the Sunshine State on a Florida round trip. The paradisiacal beaches of the most southeastern state of the USA are among the most beautiful in the world. They stretch for several hundred kilometers along the coast and enchant with a fascinating underwater world. In addition to theme parks such as Disney World, Florida's cities invite you to enjoy culinary delights and explore a colorful cultural and art scene. Let yourself be enchanted by one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA.

    Top Attractions to Visit During Your Florida Vacation

    Florida - already the name of the US state sounds like sun, refreshing drinks and everything that makes it a dream holiday under palm trees. Besides the most beautiful beaches of the whole country, you can expect sights and highlights for the whole family on a Florida round trip.

    1. Experience a unique view of the skyline on your Miami vacation


    2. View of the Orlando skyline - to experience on an Orlando vacation


    What is the Food and Culture Like in Florida?

    • Culture in Florida is a cross-cultural melting pot.

      Florida Culture

      Florida is considered an intercultural melting pot. The way of life, traditions and customs are similar to the culture of the rest of the country, but also the proximity to Cuba shaped Florida. In addition, one encounters influences of immigrants in Florida, especially people from Latin America and Europe.

    • Food Florida you should try on your Florida trip: Burritos

      Eating in Florida

      Florida's geographic location has an influence on the state's food culture. In addition, immigrants brought their culinary specialties with them. Burritos and tapas are popular. But fresh fish and seafood, such as stone crabs with mustard sauce, are also served.

    Where to Include in a Florida Vacation Package?

    Florida Keys

    The Florida Keys island chain stretches across southern Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The more than 200 tropical islands are a popular destination for beach vacations and all kinds of water sports. Whether you want to go fishing, boating, or see the beautiful coral while scuba diving or snorkeling. Also visit the town of Key West with its pastel-coloured conch-style houses and the Hemingway House, where the US writer lived for ten years.


    Experience the vibrant metropolis of Miami with its beautiful beaches, culinary highlights and palm-fringed shores. Explore the historic Little Havana district, stroll along Ocean Drive in South Beach or dive into the shopping paradise of Sawgrass Mills - there's something for everyone in Miami.

    Panama City Beach

    A city with the word beach in its name immediately sounds promising. In fact, Panama City Beach offers white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, just as you would expect in the Caribbean.

    Everglades National Park

    The Everglades is a nature reserve not far from Miami and home to numerous species of animals, such as flamingos, manatees, alligators and crocodiles. With a boat you can explore the unique nature with its mangrove swamps. Less

    Useful Information for Your Florida Vacation

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